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  1. Is the new pump supposed to come disassembled? I just got Dan's new moisturizer in the mail and noticed the head was detached from the stem and the stem was already on the bottle (It's the new bigger head pump). I struggled with the pump for about 15-20 minutes trying to get it to stay on but to no avail so I decided just to stick one of the old pumps on that I had lying around from an empty bottle of the old moisturizer. Any reason for the change in pumps? It seems like an unnecessary amount o
  2. WOW. I literally just got my replacement shipment moments ago from a UPS knock on the door. Dan's customer service is the best I've ever encountered in my life. Not only did he send me the replacement bottle of 16oz BP, but he also added in a bottle Jojoba oil. Thank you so much Dan, you have a customer for life!
  3. I have not yet received and email from Dan. I sent my email info and name to you Brandy and am curious if you successfully received it. Thanks for the help, by the way. I can't say enough about how good Dan's customer service is.
  4. Hey guys, I just read through this whole thread and I must say I am extremely impressed with Dan's quality of service! However, I am wondering if it is too late for me to chime in since I also received a 16oz 9007 batch and noticed a difference. I thought nothing of it at first since I stopped using Dan's regimen for a few months (very bad idea) so I figured the 9007 bottle I received must be very fresh as it turns out that it has been the cause of my redness. Up until I started using the 90
  5. No one has tried this? I'm curious as to what benefits and consequences this may have, such as reduced potency of the BP. I don't see why it wouldn't work well though.
  6. Hello all, I tried doing a search on this but I was not able to come up with any results which lead to me creating this thread. Anyways, I know that some people are using jojoba oil before BP, some using it after BP, but my question is has anyone ever tried actually mixing several drops of jojoba oil directly into Dan's BP? I'm curious as to how effective this would be in general.
  7. Hello all. This is my first post on the forum, and I've been lurking for a while now. I've gotten a lot of good info off this site and my skin has been clearing up nicely. However, I've had a scar on my forehead for over a year now that formed from habitual picking. I'm not sure if it's hypertrophic, but it's a dark red, raised, perfect circle in shape, has no pain (in fact, it's completely numb in that area) and feels soft to the touch (i can push it in and whatnot). Anyways, I've been lookin