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  1. Hi, no Im sorry but I do not have before and after pics. I did not get anything done to my nose, but I so have one slight dent I would like him to fill in next time. Yours look deeper than mine, so maybe you need a few more sessions! If they did not get worse, why not try another one?
  2. Wow! Im jumping in joy! Im soooooo happy for you! I can feel your happiness from here too!Hey, i was wondering, what type of skin you you have? (Eg. Asian, causcasian, black, brown, white) And how much did you pay for one treatment? Cause i heard tca cross have more people with better results on asian decents. Anyways, i wish you would finish your journey on this long long fight of acne and scars. Im really happy for you. I hope i also finish my journey. Hello AghhNe, thank you! I am middl
  3. So...it's been two months and wow!!! I loooooveee my results and I've only had one treatment. Not one scar is deeper, my cheeks look so much smoother and clear. I don't even have redness from old scars. Im thinking when they closed up from the tca, the redness went away too. I've received compliments from my siblings who always point out anything lol. I think I need one more round, I just don't know when I can schedule it because I have gone back to work. I hope this helps anyone out there. Tca
  4. Well, the redness did go away!! I think I overreacted. It's been 10 days post treatment and I see about a 30 percent improvement. But it's hard to say. The doc did poke a chicken pox scar and I'm not sure if this one looks worse than before, I think. I guess he thought it was an acne scar?? Anyways, the whole procedure in his office takes five minutes. Is this typical?
  5. I'm not sure I like what I see anymore. The treated spots that did not scab are just extremelyyyyyy red and look very irritated. I'm actually pretty depressed right now. It doesn't seem like my test area where I only had a very minor pink color on one scar that went away after a few days. I can tell these will be lingering for quite a while. It is only day 5 and a half, so maybe I'm overreacting. But, I know my skin and this doesn't look good.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I do not wash my face. When I shower my hair, I try my best not to let water hit my face. Thanks for explaining the reasoning behind the scabs. Some areas he treated have the scabs, and some did not. But, I am keeping Vaseline on all areas..
  7. Ok, so I had my first full tca cross on Tuesday! I am seeing Dr. Jeffrey Orringer at U of M. I told him not to be too aggressive still and only treat a few scars on each cheek. I have scabs, but again, they don't really seem like a true scab. They seem more like a thin layer of dryed blood. But my goodness, I can already see a difference! My skin already looks smoother. I caught a glimpse of myself in a car window yesterday and I wasn't repulsed but my own scars or reflection. I am so beyond h
  8. So guys my scars looks so much better today. It been about two weeks now and I have no redness at all. The tiniest ones, almost like scarred pores, have pretty much disappeared. But the larger one may need another cross. I can't wait for my next session!!
  9. Hi there. I am a 25 year old woman and I can tell you that there is absolutely nothing disgusting about your back. It would not at all keep me from wanting to be in a relationship with you. Please do not allow this to keep you from living a fulfilling life. I hope this helped you.
  10. My doctor poked them very lightly, I believe. But what I consider light may not be what you consider light, but in general he barely poked them. I think I spoke too soon about my biggest scar. It kind of looks wider today and a little worse. I hope it fills in soon.
  11. So one of my scabs fell off on Saturday which was only day 5 since I had it done on a Tuesday. The other tiny tiny ones fell off on day 7. The biggest one fell off first and is slightly pink. The other ones were so tiny and left no marks. I expect the pink/red color from the biggest one to go away in a couple days though and right now all of the test spot scars looks soo much better! None of them look worse. It already makes my right cheek look smoother. I'm so happy and excited, but don't wan
  12. So today is Day 2 and a couple of the scars he treated look like they have formed the scab but it looks more like a very very thin dried layer of blood after a pimple pops rather than a scab. It does not bother me at all. I am still applying Vaseline on them. I really hope the ones he treated will plump up with this one treatment! I have a question. What if a full scab does not form? Is it still possible for my scars to improve?
  13. I assumed they were icepick and he told me they were pretty much icepick scars as well. I have about 5-10 on each cheek that I would like to treat.
  14. Hello everyone, I have not been on these boards for over a year but would like to inform everyone of my progress. I had the guts today to go to the best derm in Michigan at the University of Michigan Dermatology and had a TCA Cross test spot done today. He basically just took a toothpick and nicked about 4-5 scars on my upper right cheek, like the high cheekbone area. He said its best to do a conspicuous spot first and see how I react. He used 90% TCA and my next appointment is August 15th