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  1. Congrats on finishing. I got 5 days left. Earrings and haircut look good too!
  2. How does your dosage work? Three 80 mg one day and two 80 mg the next to come out to 120 avg? Thanks-
  3. Been following this log the whole time and i gotta say that is a very nice improvement
  4. Good to hear! Get some pics up with your next post
  5. Hey man looks like its a lot better.. especially now with 100mg (Thats a lot, kinda wish I had that much) But GL this month im sure this month and next will be the turning point
  6. Ya Im basically at the same day as you and I am experiencing dryness on the skin of my ears, arms, elbows, and hands.. FUN! Anyways, be excited because this month and next I think you will see your biggest improvements.
  7. Hey man looking good, congrats too one month down.. (Im at about the same mark as you). I was bumped from 40mg to 60mg and noticed ive been getting hot flashes... Have you experienced it?
  8. I'm pretty sure all they can do is kick you out, but that is funny as hell.. Skin is looking better and you may have a breakout here and there but first month is coming to an end!
  9. Cetaphil I heard is good.. At night when I get outta the shower I just use half a dime size pump of Acne.org cleanser and mix it in my hands and dap it around my face.. Dont want to dry it out even more. And then before bed Ill use jojoba oil (which has faded marks) and neosporin on spots on my chin/ mouth area (It works wonders).
  10. Dang, results are coming pretty quick!
  11. Been watching your log and all I have to say is that this treatment is going to work wonders for you, just hang in there!
  12. Thats cool youve been hangin with a girl... ya some dont care about just physical crap and it'll be even better when in a month your rolling around with clear skin. -About the jojoba oil, I use the stuff off this site but they have it at places like Jimbos or some health food stores. Its an oil that doesnt clog pores and people have said that they have used it to treat red marks..(It may calm them...) I know Ive used AHA+ on a few spots and it def fades marks. Hope that helps
  13. Hey, try to get vaseline for the mean time if you cant find aquaphor because it is basically the same thing.. and you may want to get jojoba oil since your lips no longer produce any oil, this is an all natural oil that ppl use to with really dry skin and also to fade red marks... Also, I have the same problems with redness and getting flushed too easily.. it sucks asssss