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  1. Yeah I did it for A-levels also. It was more regurgitation at that level. Now we're more inclined to develop our own analysis. Which is basically 'We want you to think like they do, but we don't really'. Mind=Blown. Thank you for the comment! Hopefully I'll see some improvement.
  2. Hi guys! As you may have noticed with earlier posts throughout the year; I tried out Dan's Regimen, but to no avail. So here I am, back again, starting a new blog, this time with PICTURES! Oooooo pretty...... But yes, I'm now on 40mg of Roaccutane with 15mg of Prednisolone a day, just to reduce inflammation. Lets hope these upcoming months cure me eh? Any queries about experience, or just someone to talk to, feel free to write a comment, or just message me. I'll be updating every few
  3. Well, it was a good run. 6 and a half months. My face is red. I still peel. I still break out. I have 2 painful white heads that I've just burst out of anger. Mostly with myself, because I can't understand why the regimen has NOT worked for me. I'm going to book a doctors appointment tomorrow to go on Accutane. I can't be dealing with feeling like this. I'm only 18, yeah, that may be the case, it may just be hormones, who knows. But I know one thing. I am not willing to go to Uni looking the w
  4. Cleanse with Clean and Clear Ultrasensitive Cleanser. BP With Panoxyl Gel 2.5% Moisturise with Nivea Oil Free Moisturising fluid. Jojoba oil in rare cases. All in all, I can't really comment. I have on and off days, at the moment I have 3 active white heads, and an approaching blocked pore at the top of my lip. I really don't know whether to continue with this, because I have had cases where I will be clear for a good 4 days, hoping that maybe after all this time it will have worked, but then
  5. SoraKidd

    Day 94

    So I am around, 3 months fully in. I'm still breaking out, quite harshly. My skin will die down, then it will erupt, then die down, clear up, give me hope, then erupt again. On a brighter note, for those who may have read my earlier blogs, I got my offer from York University, so I just need to knuckle down for exams. I have hope for this regimen. Most medication systems take around 6 months to show noticeable effects, even in some messageboards I've been told to wait for 6 months. So that'
  6. Post is exactly what is says on the tin. I'm 2 months in, so I'm not holding judgement against using too much BP whilst I'm still breaking out. But I have noticed that I seem to use more BP at full dosage than what Dan has suggested. Can this have an effect on my breakouts and/or irriation? Thanks in advance.
  7. From what I've seen, a lot of people won't see effects until 3 months. Honestly, I've cleared fully, then BAM a massive break out, but I'm sticking with it because I have faith in this treatment. Have faith. The treatment CAN'T stop working.
  8. After showering, whether my face is wet or not, I slather on around 10-12 drops of jojoba oil, leave it for around 10 minutes and then dab the rest off. Keeps the flakes away all day when also adding moisturizer and more jojoba oil. Flakes are going to occur, I think it just takes time to figure out what works for your skin and what doesn't. Don't let flakes restrict your mouth movement, i've been there. It restricted how I ate, how I smiled, just in general, I was always thinking about it. Bu
  9. None of us enjoy the redness, but I'd definitely prefer rednes than acne all together. It sounds like your face has become accustomed to just half the amount and when you up to the full, suddenly your face reacts to it. Try to let your face accustome to the the full dose ever so slowly, like an extra 1/8 of a pump added every week. Well that's my suggestion, hope it all works out for you!
  10. I'm bumping this because I'm curious also!
  11. I'm in week 4 and it's getting better now. Week 3 was hell. Honestly, you just have to hold out and have faith in what you're doing! Personally, I have no better treatment to try so I may as well carry on with what I'm doing! Keep it up and I'm certain you'll see results.
  12. Heyyyy there. I think it was because I was using full finger loads of Duac for a year, that I felt I could bump up the load of BP very quickly. It's honestly been no biggy. I'm just holding out. :)How's the regimen going for you?
  13. SoraKidd

    Day 26

    Honestly? Things in my life are running so so so smooth. My skin however isn't. It's dry, it's flakey, it's spotty ALL the time. Acne keeps reforming, though I think this was due to my Jojoba oil incorporation. I haven't taken any risks, so I'm keeping it out until my skin is clear. I will get clear. I'm sure of it. My band recorded a song on Saturday, the quality is excellent. May even put a link up when it's released here just for promotion purposes. . My job is going swimmingly too. I'
  14. So yeah, like the post says, 23 days into the regimen. Using Panoxyl 2.5% BP, Nivea Oil Free Fluid Moisturizer and Jojoba oil. OH, and a simple cleanser. My skin HAS improved, don't get me wrong. I just got excited when my skin was following the exact predictions of Dan's 'what to expect' section. Unfortunately I still do get some painful spots but they're not as bad. My skin cleared quite a bit 2 weeks in, I then incorporated Jojoba oil into my routine. I'm just curious if this could have had
  15. Hey guys, been using Jojoba oil with my moisturizer, keeps the flakes at bay from around 8 in the morning till 3 in the afternoon. By 8 at night it's just a bloodbath of flakes. Any tips for when I go clubbing to keep it at bay without the need to moisturize excessively?
  16. The Jojoba oil came today, I also went out last night dispite the flaking. Had a wonderful drunk time with some old friends. Been hanging awfully today though. On to more pressing matters, THINGS ARE CLEARING UP. Fingers crossed that this initial breakout is one of the last extremes and that things can push forward. I have one tiny active white head, everything else is starting to fade. Jojoba oil works wonders with flakes, I literally feel like I can smile with no crumbling effect. HOWEVE
  17. Been on the regimen for like a week now. Short time, i'm NOT going to give up on this, but I need to let steam off I guess. Acne is mild/moderate, but I have fair skin so it's always there, sometimes it can be severe, I had a severe spurt around a year ago, major cysts and what not, but luckily they cleared. Now I'm left battling what's left but it honestly brings me down so much. I moisturize,I apply the BP, I cleanse. I just, feel like I'm getting no where. I don't want to be around my fri
  18. SoraKidd

    Day 8 =(

    So, went out to a mates gig tonight, came home flaking, red face, inflamed spots everywhere. Really put a massive downer on my progress. I couldn't resist picking some, but now I feel guilty about it. I'm not going out tomorrow night if there is no improvement on my skin. I don't really want to go to my interview either. I just feel so held back. Not much to say. Hope things get better during the week. If not, then my girlfriend will probably be in for a shock.
  19. Dan's what to expect section states at the end of week 2. "Further clearing, followed perhaps by a breakout. The breakout clears more quickly than usual. Skin is slightly less red and irritated. Red spots from old acne linger." Great news is, I'm on week 1, my skin is less red, less irritated, clearer, flaking (expected), BUT, I have had what I would call a major breakout, quite painful spots just on my jaw line, only two are active white heads but still its a break out. To be honest I exp
  20. Line and a half already? . Actually I suppose this depends on thickness but I'm only doing half a lengths worth and I'm on Day 6. Might be worth ramping up!Good luck with the exercising. Hope it works out for you!
  21. SoraKidd

    Day 6

    Slight progress. Still flaking, still red. Acne is fading. Slight breakout but not serious. Just floating on by this week until next to be honest. I got a new chair for my room, doesn't seem like a serious event in my life, but it's so COMFORTABLE! Perfect for playing Oblivion! . Moisturizer isn't stinging really after applying BP either. Everything is going as planned and foretold by Dan.
  22. So this morning I wake up with ALOT of flaking, not great for a day of school to be honest. I went in and tried to keep my face down as much as possible, even my friends noticed I was a bit off. I just said i was tired. Got home, flaking like hell! Everything always is perfect on the wrong day though! I'm seeing Black Swan on wednesday, really, really looking forward to it. I also manged to get 2.5% BP on prescription! ALSO, I got a job interview on Friday where a couple of mates work. PERF
  23. I have an interview too this week! Friday to be exact. .Thing is, I'm flaking more than a cadbury's chocolate bar. (Bad joke). Ordered Jojoba oil today from Amazon, so hopefully it will be delivered in time and put me in good stead!Hope everything stays going well with you. How's the dryness?
  24. My bad! I assumed we were talking about using a LOT of gel. Obviously if you're using small amounts and finding it hard to continue rubbing in like what ashley said then stop.