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  1. Hey there, I feel sorry for you maybe you should go see a doctor but maybe tomorrow it'll look better.. I hope it fixes itself and it'll be normal soon
  2. Hi Mercyunbound, yeah, the BP makes my face pretty dry.. I'm trying to stop using BP in the morning and only use it at night and see if that makes my face a little less dry, and won't make me break out, but i don't know, what I should use in the morning instead of BP.. Maybe I should take a look at that moisturizer.. Is your skin dry, oily or something in between?
  3. Hi Shadow Yoshi, I actually tried that, but it made my face so dry that I couldn't smile without it hurting so bad :S my face is very dry :/
  4. Or maybe just tell me about your morning routines
  5. Helloo people I am on the Regimen, but it makes my face soo dry all day and thats why I only want to use it at night. I know if i use Jojoba Oil with the moisturizer it will moisturize my face, but it makes my face so horribly shiny, which I think is very annoying. So now I'm looking for a morning regimen that won't break me out and hopefully clear some red marks and won't make my acne worse and doesn't make my face shiny Hmmm, sounds a lil' impossible, but i just want a morning rutine that wo
  6. Now i'm getting nervous.. I bought something from their eBay shop 3 days ago and I have also e-mailed them and they haven't replied yet.... They charged the money today but I don't know if they have shipped it yet.. At their eBay shop they've got alot of good feedback and it looks like people got their items.....
  7. Hi people this has nothing to do with rosacea but please help me.. I slept on our leathercouch last night and i think i slept on my face and that made my face soo red and there are alot of small red spots and my eye is huge.... Has anyone tried this?? I put cream on it but it doesnt help.... Please tell me if you have tried this and if it just disappeared or what you did
  8. It sounds like turmeric root is better than turmeirc powder, but I have no idea where to get that There is an iranian store, do you think they have it?
  9. ...and I'm sure all that make-up being caked on all the time has a lot to do with it too. yeah might be.
  10. Hey, I use it at night instead of BP and moisturizer.. Just the cleanser and then AHA as a moisturizing treatment thing
  11. Good mornin' people.. I applied it to my face last night (turmeric and water) and its not that hard to get off.. I used water first to get the turmeric off and then Dans cleanser. I'm still a little yellow but I don't look like a character from the simpsons
  12. Yeh well.. they're just people like everyone else.. with aloot of make-up on ofc..