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  1. chadbryant7

    4 1/2 months (4/22/09)

    My skin finally started to clear up after going on steroids for a couple weeks to stop the inflammation. So far, I do not have one active pimple but just red spots and a few scar-looking spots from my previous acne. My skin is so smooth!
  2. Im about 2 and a half months into accutane so far and I had a terrible breakout too. Like probably it was the worse acne I have ever had. It wasn't until recently that my derm put me on steroids (prednesone) which finally started to clear me up. Ask your doctor for some of the steroids, they worked miracles in like a day. And in the mean time, take ibuprofen it also really really helps out too. Most of the acne you're getting is all inflammed and it makes it much much worse and painful. Ju
  3. Face has gotten a tad better looking. I can really notice how smooth my face has gotten lately. It finally isn't getting any worse and is getting better VERY SLOWLY.
  4. Hey there, I've been hearing things about taking zinc while on accutane to help with the redness and I was wondering if that was ok to take alongside accutane. I have these 50mg zinc pills and I didn't know if that was a bit much for me right now. Anyone know if it'll hurt anything to take any? Thanks 4 duh info!
  5. So I have been taking accutane for a little over a month and a half and so far, my face has just flared up with all sorts of new acne. It's mostly concentrated around the eyebrows and trails down the rest of my cheek, but it hurts like heck when I move my face or even lay on my pillow. Since it has gotten this bad, and I have heard it could take a while longer before I see improvements I was thinking that I might try using some old differin I have laying around on the affected areas of my face
  6. Been on accutane for a little over a month and so far have had just bad results. I'm sticking with it though and know that it'll get better sometime.
  7. Hi, I've been on accutane now for about a month and a half now and I first started seeing my initial breakout around week 2. I thought that by the end of the first month it would have subsided or something but it has just gotten worse and worse. Right now, I am currently taking 60mg a day and my acne has never been this bad. When I wake up in the morning I have about 7-8 whiteheads which i'll admit I take care of by popping them right before I take a shower and clean my face. Then I go to sc
  8. Thanks a lot that really helped. I ended up not drinking at all New Years.
  9. Hi, I've been on accutane for about 3 weeks now and I haven't drank any alcohol or anything yet because I've been too scared to. However, New Year's is coming up and I was wondering if it would be alright to drink just this once while on accutane. I'll point out though that when I drink on New Year's I plan to get drunk. So for me that'd be like 3-4 shots since I'm pretty small and get drunk easily. Is this alright just this once? Or should I just play it safe?
  10. Since about 6th grade I have no had a clear face. I am now 17 years old and a senior in high school and my acne is as bad as it has ever been. In the past few years I have started to get acne in places that I had never gotten it before like my cheeks, chin, neck, and back. I've been to the dermatologist many times and have taken god knows how many medications and to tell ya the truth I really don't think they're doing any good because I haven't seen any improvements for a long long time. Here
  11. chadbryant7


    Pictures of left and right cheeks along with my forehead. Using Differin 0.3% in the morning and Evolclin at night and taking Solodyne pills in the morning also with a bunch of herbal supplements.