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  1. I never had my scar widen with TCA cross, I only ever saw no improvement or the scar grew smaller or more shallow. My scars only widened when I received laser or peels.
  2. I feel like people who are accusing this as being marketing have never seen before/after pics of TCA cross. Results can be this dramatic if done in a series. The lighting is kind of manipulative, but it could be true that the laser removed some of the hyperpigmentation.
  3. I would encourage you to do your own research. There are plenty of great recommendations on this sub for acne scarring, depending on the scar type, sometimes with pics. Of course, you can always just go with what your derm recommended. Good luck.
  4. Nope, no pics. I didn't get filler or punch excision. Most of my scars are rolling.
  5. I've both done TCA cross on myself (I would not recommend this. I was desperate!) and had it done with a doctor. I noticed that in certain areas there was more visible improvement than others. And it took AT LEAST two crosses before I started seeing improvement. So you would really need to commit to at least 3 before you noticed a difference. Of course, TCA cross supposedly only helps icepick scarring. You can always try it on boxcar if it makes a difference. If it were me and I wer
  6. It depends on your budget. Punch excision or elevation would be best for boxcar scars. At least see how TCA cross would work (3-6 sessions minimum). Honestly, your derm sounds like they don't have experience treating acne scarring if they're suggesting dermarolling to start. That's for superficial scarring imo.
  7. bump I'm honestly scared to get fractional CO2 done. I received that on a different part of my body and noticed loss of skin elasticity. I'm not sure if it's because of the location I received the laser, or if it's just not good for my skin type, but that convinced me not to try it again. That's a fairly common healing response. As scars get more superficial, they'll get wider. Did you notice this with TCA cross, or subcision? I was under the impression that more aggressive treatme
  8. I wouldn't, or at least, I would make sure that it's a specialty of that dermatologist. Maybe try the TCA cross for all scars. After the series is finished, your ice pick scars will be significantly better more than likely, and you can gauge how much it also helped the boxcar scars? That's what I would do, if you're worried about money. Because dermal grafting is expensive and comes with risks.
  9. Honestly, I would look into dermal grafting, or punch float/punch excision. Boxcar scars are very difficult to treat. The icepick scars would benefit from TCA Cross (you would need a series of at least 3-6).
  10. I want to get Mixto laser. I know Dr Rahimi offers it, but he is sooo expensive. Would it be worth going to him? Has anyone benefited from his treatments?
  11. These results are very impressive! I agree, try TCA cross again!
  12. Dr. Raffy in Santa Monica did them. He combined TCA cross with a laser. I see at LEAST 50% improvement after about three treatments (for me, this is a Godsend because nothing seemed to help my damaged pores). I was concerned about volume loss, but that seems to have gone away a month later. Also, for anyone struggling with enlarged pores, I would recommend Niacinamide + Zinc, Revolution brand has a version that's cruelty-free. Also, look into double cleansing!!
  13. Please find someone who will try TCA cross!! I would recommend that above phenol peel. I recently went to a doctor who provided very positive results for damaged pores. I had some complications, but it might be worth it to you still. Do you want me to send you a pm? The doctor is near LA. lmao!!! I remember when Dr. Rullan charged $350 for subcision. Considering his treatments do not seem to yield more than at most ~20% improvement, his new pricing seems excessive.
  14. Bump! Anyone else? Please let me know if you had a positive experience with a laser!! Thank you. <3