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  1. The argument here is bizarre. Why wouldn't a series of aggressive laser treatments improve Dudley's complexion? And I've noticed that doctors only insist on documenting with pictures in the last few years. We can talk crap about lasers, but honestly, a series of lasers can yield improvement depending on the setting of the laser, the skill of the doctor, and the skin type of the patient. For my skin, that would be too ablative, but if you can afford it and it can help, why not? It's be
  2. Hello fellow acne scarring sufferers! Over the years, my acne scarring has improved from some procedures, mostly from subcision. I have had 5 subcisions total and my rolling scars look much better. Unfortunately, now that those scars have improved, my enlarged and scarred pores are much more noticeable, especially on my nose. Has anyone had success permanently reducing their pore size?
  3. Those look like boxcar scars. You may need to get excision done.
  4. Just so you know, fillers like Restylane are temporary, and there is speculation that it can help with the collagen remodeling process. There are people on this thread who have combined Restylane with subcision and have been happy with their results. I haven't done it due to $$$.
  5. Punch excision or TCA. Considering how deep the scar is, I Would go with punch excision if you can find a reliable PS to do it.
  6. When I did TCA peels combined with copper peptides, it helped my skin texture. One time my roommate mentioned one side of my face near my nose had visibly smaller pores (I guess I didn't evenly distribute the peel). So I still see the difference in pore size on one side compared to the other, so I know the TCA peels are permanent and help with that.
  7. Thank you, I did find one on ebay for only $30!
  8. I agree, your scarring is very minor and I think the looks of disgust is probably in your head. I think a series of yag or fractional laser would get rid of it, but probably wouldn't be worth the cost and risks (fat loss, risk of damage, etc). Maybe try retin-a or tazorac, or glycolic peels, it will probably be gone in a year, or at least greatly diminished.
  9. If it has been almost 4 months, this is permanent. After 2-4 weeks, swelling is completely gone, 3-5 months allows for skin remodeling and collagen production. If you're still not happy, go for another procedure in the next 2 months! You can also do things to remove the hyperpigmentation, like topicals or IPL. I'm also happy for you.
  10. If you can afford it try punch excision, just be aware it comes with risk. I think someone on the board showed before and after pics and their scar look worse, but I've also seen near 100% improvement.
  11. I have had the best results with subcision combined with laser. The laser helps break up the scar tissue and stimulates new collagen. I've heard subcision with filler leads to gradual collagen production. Too expensive for me in the long run, but if I had the money it would be a boost to my confidence rather than waiting to afford subcision/laser.
  12. This makes me nervous...I booked a Halo treatment for next week for $900. I'm happy for OP for finally resolving the scarring and getting your confidence back! I hope everyone on this board has a similar experience.
  13. I did subcision and fraxel at the same time and I saw the best improvement of my acne scars, better than subcision combined with suction. The subcision breaks up the tethered scars and the fraxel helps ablate the scar tissue and promote collagen production. I'm looking to get that done in the next couple of weeks. If you do it after, try to do it within 3-5 days before the scar starts to re-tether following the subcision. I would recommend doing it at the same time.
  14. Where can I buy LED lights to treat my skin? Many of the websites recommended through this forum no longer exist. I also checked out LED man and his prices have gone up. I'd rather not spend $250 for an LED device that was probably cheaply made in someone's garage.
  15. I'm not sure where you've been, but people parroting back advice they haven't tried themselves or being overdramatic about their scarring has been happening since I joined this forum years ago.