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  1. did you initially get any breakouts after beginning this regime?
  2. if u have dandruff, i swear by apple cider vinegar applied neat. that miracle healing potion cured mine. in no less than a week.
  3. even if you use acv for a toner, still use it as a cleanser. nothing beats it in my opin. i dillute it to about 10 parts water 1 part acv, and keep it in a spray bottle. spray face and wipe off with clean tissue paper. oh and if cocnut oil is a clogging agent, forget that then.
  4. for a cleanser i recommend diluted apple cider vinegar. i have been using that for 18 months or so and have never ever found anything better. its cheap and effective and i cant recommend it enough! for a moisturiser i have no idea. dont use one, but i have read about coconut oil as a possibility. good day
  5. maincajm, i use it as a scrub on nose and cheeks. i make a paste from baking soda and water only and lightly scrub with fingers -- rinse off in shower. make sure u wash your face first, preferably with the acv solution. go well.
  6. hi charlotte... here is a real natural and cheap skincare regime. apple-cider vinegar and water for cleanser (very dilluted), baking soda and water for exfoliant. i have been using this for over a year i guess, and its great! that might help your problems and your bank account. see ya
  7. vegetarian 10 years. think i wanna go vegan... we'll see.
  8. use a highly diluted combo of water and apple cider vinegar. extremely cheap and ive found it to be highly effective.
  9. ive been washing my face with a very, very diluted formula of apple cider vinegar and water for over a year now. best cleanser i have ever used. no dry skin, no tight feeling after its clean, cheap as hell and skin, in combination with my diet is about 80-90% better. i recommend the cheap way!
  10. i am doing the vegan wai-diet version.... i have found it the best fighter of acne i have tried. been eating only fruit and nuts and its been great. it really works, but you do need a strong will and good discipilne. \
  11. dude... check out this site. its free and asks no money. all u need is determination and discipline. ive been on it for about a month and am seeing good results. give it a try bro, u have nothing to lose 'cept ur acne. http://www.waisays.com/index.html good luck bro!
  12. im christian... therefore i believe in Jesus Christ ie. God.
  13. try this... http://www.drclark.net/info/p_chart.htm