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  1. Greetings. It's been a while since my last post but I thought I'd drop in and update. I began experiencing shedding in my last month of accutane. Since then the shedding has come to a slow but I have had zero regrowth. My hairline has receded atleast 1cm and has thinned considerably along the top and sides above my ears. I am currently 1 year and a few months post accutane. Hoping for the best though.
  2. Hey! Sorry I didn't make my reason for not finishing accutane clear. I stopped because of my own inability to swallow pills (or sudden lack thereof). I don't think I was on it longer than a month and half.
  3. Greetings. My acne has gotten rather bad lately and my doctor has proposed the idea of putting me on 40mg/day of accutane (4 months). Now I've been on accutane in the past but unfortunately never completed my full course. On the positive side I experienced no long term side effects (to my current knowledge). So I was curious what my chances of developing any severe side effects the second time would be? Has anyone taken a second round of acctuane and ended up with side effects they didn't have t
  4. I think the worst thing for me (and the most depressing) is feeling helpless when it comes to my complexion. I find the cause and effect theories help but in the big scheme of things I really feel like nothing I do will ever clear me up fully. Anyways now for my update: Heading into my second month of doxy I've noticed a stead decline in my complexion. For the past two weeks my forehead has been absolutely awful and I've been getting acne around my face where there was previously none. My ro
  5. Keeping a log is a nice way to talk about my problem anonymously. Also it's helped me keep track of my rountine and progress. I also enjoy reading others input. I definitely know what you mean about the close up mirror inspection! I find it hard to resist the self indulging torture. Especially when you're around a lot of mirrors it's hard to get it off your mind. When I find myself constantly thinking about how bad my complexion is it really inhibits me from wanting to be social/productive. I fi
  6. Hey thanks for stopping by! I too have noticed acne clearing a lot quicker. Anyways here's my monday update as promised: My forehead was pretty clear last week but unfortunately has taken a turn for the worse. It's covered in little red spots and a few white heads. Although they seem to disappear quickly new ones seem to form just as fast. As I'm experiencing so far it's a bit of a rollercoaster. I'm not sure why my forehead is such a problem area as the rest of my face is literally acne f
  7. Hey thank you for the response! I just checked out your log. As you may have read I had initial clearing the first week then a bad breakout on my second week. I still get quite a bit of papules on my forehead. I think your complexion will only improve in the following weeks. My fingers are crossed! It's late so I'll update my progress on my complexion tomorrow or monday..
  8. Back once again. Due to the lack of responses here I'm going to keep this update short. My complexion is very clear right now (even my forehead.. by it's own standards). I would even say overall it's the clearest it's ever been since I was a kid. I'm currently sick and I don't think the doxy is helping that (possibly). My current regimen is still the same.. spectro jel cleanser/moisturizer morning and night.. differin 0.1 at night and exfoliation once a week. Overall I'm quite happy with the res
  9. Returning for another update. My face once again remains quite clear other than some red blemish's. My forehead on the otherhand is not. The midde right side is covered in what I think are papules and possibly a large white head. I decided to attempt to remedy the situation with clindamycin and phisohex today but unfortunately the periodical large red areas have returned. I hope I'm not making it worse heh. I tend to try new things in moments of frustration but acne is one of those things that y
  10. Greetings. I'm posting this thread due to my curiosity about how to get rid of papules. I've been pretty successful in clearing up my face except for papules on my forehead. It's something that will stay for a week and go away for a week. I've got a log going on right now about my experience with doxy so you can check that out if you're curious about what I'm using (http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Doxycycline-100mg-Log-t283500.html). So the question really is: has anyone had any luck getting ri
  11. It went good, and I think I will be seeing her again later this week Accutane is a last resort. Back in grade ten-ish I had severe acne so that really was my only option. I stopped two months in due to having a pill get stuck in my throat and being unable to swallow pills for a long while (it was more of a mental thing, weird I know) so I couldn't continue. Thankfully my acne wasn't severe anymore and the accutane had helped quite a bit (although if I had stayed on my full course it may have
  12. Hey I'm on pretty much the same prescription as you. I started doxy on oct 27th so that almost puts me at the one month point. My skin got a little better right away but then did a bit of a dip around week 2-3. Although I've stopped using the clindamycin I'm still seeing improvements in my 4th week. Check my log if you're interested. Anyways best of luck I'll prob stop by again to check your progress.
  13. I was considering it at one point as I had been on it when I was younger I thought a mild dose wouldn't be such a bad idea. But after reading some horror stories about higher doses and inability for lower doses to keep acne away once stopped I decided I'd suck it up and live with mild acne. Also accutane will make your face unbelievably red and dry for a long while so maybe it would be best to take a trip to your derm to see what he says. Good luck. ps let me apologize in advanced but I just wa
  14. Returning a little shy of a week I come to inform the internet of my progress. So far I've seen almost zero improvement around my face but my forehead has gotten quite a bit better (still a little bumpy and one troublesome papule. I've been sticking to the spectro cleanser and moisturizer and differin at night. My face has been a little red but it's been like that for a long time. The red spots on my nose disappeared literally overnight to the power of some left over retin-a .04%. I've got a mov