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  1. frances, I am not shouting at people in a hole below me. I am shouting at people who are in the hole WITH me. I have pretty ugly scars too, but I think what people should be doing instead of agonizing over their pimples is to reorganize their thoughts and think what is most important - succumbing to your situation, or transcending them? of course its no easy thing, but thats what constitutes human virtue. i am sorry if i am sounding preachy, i do not want to be, but I am simply saying what my th
  2. Yes, you guys are right. I don't really understand. Perhaps I am too self absorbed. But whatever the case, I think you guys have to seriously stop and think what a meaningful life is, anyway.
  3. oh my god. who cares about the back? i dont know why you are so self-conscious for something that isnt even on your face? wow...that is kind of sad.
  4. just to clarify a bit, i said i get emotional about my scars too, and you know what? perhaps my craters are nothing at all, although deep inside I probably feel the same way about em as you guys do about acne. the point of the matter is not that I suffer more or you suffer more or our suffering is equal, but that complaining about suffering excessively is just...foolish. but i still don't think acne is as bad as you guys think - your teenager years suck, fine, i feel for you, that must indeed be
  5. o.k. you people need to understand. I only gave my craters as an example of facial defect, I didn't plug em in so that i get some comfort, or some "oh woe is me" type shit. perhaps i should post my face on this, but I think that would be going too far. trust me, you dont know how oddly placed these three craters are, you would think that I joined some cult or something because they are perfectly circular and the space between them is so regular - i describe my craters because I want to show you
  6. I never said anything about being happy with the image in your mirror. That is totally understandable by me. What I am quite appalled by is how so many people here make a big deal out of it; feeling pain is one thing, wallowing in it is another - i especially dont understand why people would be suicidal about this...acne isnt even permanent, and IF you get scars from it, they are usually on your side or isnt that bad. I dont want to sound all arrogant, but I think I've got it pretty bad and wors
  7. Now, I think that life's greatest challenge is living beyond your circumstances and influences to be the best that you can be. I'm new to this forum, and I'm about to enter college as a freshman; I have never had acne, but I have three round, circular pits (or craters, as you might call em) on my face (from chicken pox), which because they are straight on my forehead, are very visible and a little...phenomenal? (I don't think you will see a guy with such pits on his face, especially when they ar