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  1. I just bought the book 'The Beauty Detox Solution' by Kimberly Snyder and everything I've read so far seems...promising. I would assume with a diet this clean and 'organized', it would clear acne. She makes a pretty damn good argument as to why humans are better off with a diet that doesn't consist of meat (including seafood). Anyway, she mentions that food should be consumed in a certain order - light to heavy. I'd bore you, going into detail so here's her website: Kimberlysnyder.net But you'r
  2. I have done my research, but still cannot choose. I have decided to finally go to a skin clinic. My acne is mild with 3 or four postules at a time, some acne scarring, redness, and brown spots. (If needed, my age is 20) I can't decide between a foto facial, ultrasonic facial, bio peel mask facial, or microdermabrasion. This will be my first facial ever and I want to make sure I get the right one (or atleast one that helps). With that said, I cannot possibly do this alone. I need your help.