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  1. Cell tech is garbage. Take pure creatine monohyrdrate which will cost u about 25 cents a day for the same effects. I took creatine during my entire accutane cycle with 0 side effects and it was never detected in my blood tests. (been on it for a year and makes a huge positive difference in my physique Drink alot of water though please.
  2. My god i have the same problem LOL with the dry ass im gonna lube my ass up now b4 work brb
  3. water hits my face when i get outta the shower...thats it! then moisturisor
  4. good for you man glad ur almost done w/ ur course.... and the 400 really wouldnt be a big deal to me considering the money i would have spent on other products in the future if not on tane...plus missing things due to really bad breakouts...
  5. yea...ive had some minor join pain in my back but nothin to stop me and my gains have been normal the past 40 days of tane
  6. hmm whatever you can take without failing ur liver test! My only suggestion for you would be fish oil and milk thistle.... supplements really just be a waste of money and little effect compared to the drastic effect of tane.
  7. I am glad to hear everything is working out for you, i self diagnosed my problem with my headaches to be related to cysts behind the ears which im sure are being brought out due to the tane.... So that lasted 2 weeks and the derm kept me on it. So i am on day 36 and i am REALLY breaking out bad now, but i dont freak out about it like i used to seeing as it will actually end unlike before when i had no regimen that i knew would work. Good luck with ur course
  8. edit to my previous post...i got sh*tfaced 2 nights before my liver test and passed, along with drinking 2 protein shakes a day, creatine, mcdonalds a few times a week and still passed my liver test LOL....i wouldnt drink everyday tho.
  9. really simple just ask if they will prescribe it most likely they will if its bad.
  10. well u got a bout 5 days before ur lips are gonna start to get dry haha. Well i love accutane so far, im on day 24..but the other day i went to the gym and did my heaviest deadlift possible and immmediately after got a headache that i thought my head was gonna explode. Now for the past days i have had a mild almost non existant headache, but when i exert myself in anyway its crazy im afraid ill have a brain aneuryms. Theres a good chance this is just an illness/spine related, but what scares me
  11. wynne has good advice...but everything youve listed is fine..i think she meant no scented cleansers on your FACE...not talking about your body. There is no reason it would bother your body.
  12. Shit that sucks to get stalled...i think i am on the eve of getting pulled off accutane so i am equally pissed. I went through all that shit myself to sign up for ipledge and the pharmacy diddnt ask for shit!...they just gave me the script.
  13. Just take 1 pill with your first and last meal of the day....as long as u drink it with a FULL glass of water. Fat in your meal doesnt matter.
  14. ive been forced to just scrub it off...it really sucks but it is the only solution i can come up with, followed by moistorizor