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  1. Ive heard your skin is supposed to get worse before it gets better on copper peptides, although ive never used them. Maybe go onto the forums of skinbiology website and look at what other people post/ask about your experience. Skin Biology Forums
  2. im on accutane too and ive gotten more and more scars...some arent even from acne, just looks like strips of my skin have been pulled off- anyways, its terrible but i had cystic acne that was getting worse and worse and NOTHING else was working. However, i dont wish i never went on it- i just wish i had gone on it earlier when i didnt yet have cystic acne, but had still had acne for a long time. ive heard that several people have gotten improvement by using exfoliation, retina and copper pepti
  3. hey i started to see a good improvement with Finacea, however now im on accutane and cant use it- but atleast for the short amount of time i was using it, the marks noticeably started to lighten. It is an acid, so it may further the rawness feeling- just make sure to use a light moisturizer Also, make sure to wear lots of sunblock this summer!
  4. how do tattoo needles compare to lancets that others are using in terms of diameter?
  5. well do everyone here a favor and don't "guess" or in anyway associate your breakout with "aggressive rolling". The theory is nonbelievable and quite frankly warped. To say it seems ODD that you all of a sudden mention you have a new breakout but make reference as having one before from rolling comes across as...shall we say... a bit preposterous? The only people to associate rolling with an out of the ordinary breakout are you and that adella. Coincidentally you two also have a similar
  6. what the hell is the point of all these people coming on these forums to tell eveyone "nothing worked for me, so nothing works period, give up like i did...no seriously, give up guys." Actually i already know the answer to that question, misery loves company. If you had fully accepted your situation, you wouldnt still come on these forums in an attempt to get others to join in on giving up. You say dont listen to anyone who doesnt have a PhD. First of all, do you have a PhD? And second of al
  7. How long after accutane can you start derma rolling? Ive just gone on accutane, so i know it will be a while before i can work on my scars, but i want to do as much research as possible beforehand. I was thinking i would start with derma rolling, probably just with the .5 mm at first, so less invasive. At what point could i start this? also, most of my scars are relatively new, and they seem to have gotten worse (mostly deeper) over a short period of time. Anything i can do (ie topicals) while
  8. id rather have red skin than holes in my face, any day. Plus, redness can at least be partially covered by concealer. Indents cannot.
  9. Justin- do whatever makes you feel better, just know that your scarring is very minimal, and lucky for you youre a guy so scars dont detract nearly as much, and in your case may even add a rugged appeal to your appearance. Also, youre incredible attractive, so all in all you are very lucky also, everyone else- i have not tried fraxel, but there ARE people who have gotten great results from it. It really depends on the person- different skin types respond to different treatments.
  10. i did one of these, if i remember correctly the deepest one, and it didnt do shit except maybe make it worse. I didnt really have scars before, except maybe one, and after i did this peel, my skin got worse and worse with acne and now i have scars. It did nothing for the scar i already had. However, im sure i cant attribute it all to the peel, but still i would recommend against against it especially if you still have acne.
  11. How much would the PRP plus stem cell combo cost? thanks for keeping us informed
  12. Also, BRD, what advice would u give in the meantime in terms of collagen production? (or if we cant afford an extensive trip and procedure) What are your thoughts on derma rolling/needling? Also you had mentioned before that you were doing your own research and wanting to try out this procedure in your lab- you could probably get some funding from people on here looking to support this, and i for one would be interesting in hearing in more detail about how you go about this (i.e. recording the
  13. not to pester you or anything, but i didnt see anything on the clinic's website about stem cell injections. Is this something very new that theyre not advertising? And how much does it cost?