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  1. Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot you can do to help it while you on Accutane. I think cutting back on harsh cleansers and such would help. I used only lever 2000 with vasaline to cleanse and then natural shea butter to moisturize and it helped... The redness wil go away when you get off accutane.
  2. Well, back in November of '08 my derm and I decided it would be best to take a course of Accutane. I just started getting acne at 17, but wasnt bad at all until 19(21 now). My acne was never considered severe, had pimples at all times some days it would be almost clear and some days it would be terrible. In the past couple of years I developed cystic acne on my shoulders. The year before last the acne on my shoulders actually went away in the summer time when they saw sunlight, but because of th
  3. Day 120 Went to see my dermatologist last week. He said that my skin looks incredible and that I could either finish out the 5 month course, or end it at 4 months. I decided to end at 4 months, so I only have about 1 week left of the pill and that will be it(missed a day here and there). My face has been clear ever since about the 2nd week, my soulders took a little longer to react to the medicine, but they are now clear and have been for several weeks. Couldn't be happier with the results...
  4. bump interested as well because i am getting close to the end of my course and hope that the redness goes away and get some oil production back...
  5. My derm gave me my prescription that day and told me to come back the next day and take blood test.
  6. I tried Aloe Vera and it didn't work too well for me. Seemed to work for an hour or so and then it would completly absorbed into your skin within an hour or so and thr flakes would be back. Only thing I have found to work is shea butter, works good for red spots too.
  7. Day 95 Everything seems to be going fine. Shoulders are not improving too much though, still about the same as they were last time I posted. Face is still clear, but is still kinda red. I have tried a few other moisturizers hope that maybe it would reduce some redness. I have tried olay, neutrogena sensitive skin, garnier and a couple others but they either leave my face sticky/oily, or overly dry and do not moisturize at all. So I have decided that their is nothing better than my one dollar sh
  8. I go in for my 3 month check up in a couple days. So far this drug has done wonders for my face, forehead, and neck. I now have zero acne in these areas, just a few scars on my face and hopefully they will heal over time. I had pretty bad acne on my shoulders when beginning accutane, and now it is still there, though only about half as bad. I have been on 80mg per day throughout my course so far, and my dermatologist seems like he wants me to stay at that. I have not had too many side effe
  9. Day 75 I have continued to see good improvement over the past week. The spot that I thought was showing up near my ear never actuallt showed up. Right now my face is 100% clear for the first time since I was probly 14 or so. I have one small spot at my hairline, but thats it. Shoulders still clearing up pretty well, I would say I have had about a 60% improvement on them since I started my course. Side Effects-- None. Lips haven't been as dry as they were before which is nice. Face isn't near a
  10. i am currently on my 3rd month of isotretinoin (80mg day) and have the same exect facial redness problems you have. never had them before accutane. I also get sun burned in about 15-20 mins now. I sure hope that it goes away after my corse as I am outdoors all the time all year round, except this winter becuase i am trying to stay out of the sun while on accutane... I wish their was something i could take or put on my skin to ease the redness.
  11. Day 67 Had some good improvement on my shoulders over the last couple of weeks, right nor I only have 1 or 2 actives on them right now and the rest are clearing up nicely. The spot in the corner of my mouth has finally disappeared, unfortuantley their is another spot forming an inch or so from my left eye, hopefully it won't get out of hand. Overall my face does look much better than it has in a long, long time even skin texture is good. The facial redness is still there, although it doesn't se
  12. Yes, I got Sotret for the first 2 months, then when I went and got my third month prescription, they gave me Claravis.