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  1. no one really replied to my other topic so i'll ask a quick and simple question here: I've been on doxy for 6 weeks and now lymecycline for 6 weeks (two tetracycline based drugs). Over that time my acne has got worse. Considering i've given the drugs 3 months, would it be best to stick to the treatments or stop taking them? I feel i've given the drugs enough time but worried i'll break out even worse if i stop taking them. ANY past experience/advice is appreciated. ta
  2. Right so i guess like any sane person, you're looking for a quick fix to your acne- but, i guess like me, you've found there isn't really one. Unless you know a miracle worker (gimme their number!). I wont bore you with my long winded story, but i've suffered from moderate acne for around 3 months now (had very mild acne previous to this). It did really get me down, and i lost A LOT of my confidence- so much so, that i decided to take a drastic measure to try and restore it: i started wearing m
  3. was on doxy for 6 weeks, acne got worse over that period of time have since switched to lymcycline for last 4 weeks- hasn't really changed much, perhaps slightly better. will give it another month and if no change, i'll just give up on antibiotics
  4. I was previously on doxycycline for 6 weeks. After 3 weeks of no change, i gradually saw my acne get worse and worse. What was once just a collection of pimples on my left cheek that were difficult to get rid of has now escalated to covering my left & right cheek and jawline, as well as a couple appearing on my neck (wtf?!). Since i finished the doxycycline i have been on lymecycline for 4 weeks- and i understand that i should wait 2 months in order to start seeing results, but i was hoping
  5. guess it's not to judge people by how they look or something i'm still a wanker and laugh/dismiss certain people for how they dress/look. yeah i'm gonna burn in hell!
  6. whoa whoa whoa. i'm by no means a social guru but have to disagree with some of these things up until the age of around 14, i was shy as shy can be- no idea why, i was just always quiet. gradually as i grew older, i became louder and louder- leading me now currently to being a pretty 'zippy' and outgoing person. striking up a conversation with someone you know nothing about will never be easy. i don't think reading books or watching films (movies) will help- either as a topic to talk about or a
  7. have done and still do every so often- it's obviously weighing up against how confident you are with/without it opposed to how cringing it'll be if you're found out. If i do use it, i use very little (normally just a bit of concealer). NEVER EVER EVER go even close to the edge of wearing even a LITTLE too much. Point of no return!
  8. yes! there's a range of products but i got the 'proper' gel stuff that contains the nico whatever anti-inflammatory ingredient. you have to get it from prescription bit at boots i think (although it obviously isn't prescription). it's very good for what it does. it WONT get rid of any spots. but i had a bad habit of picking whiteheads- and if i did so and then put this on overnight, it really did help. i can't afford it anymore (student woo!), but reccomended if you have a couple of big pimples
  9. Will using a thinner layer of Duac (5% Benzyl Peroxide) cause my skin to dry out less than if i were to apply a thicker layer? Thanks!
  10. oooh i've been using duac for a week too. yeah it does dry out your skin, so make sure you moisturise during the day! otherwise your skin will be going all peely, itchy and dry! i'm trying really hard to get my skin clear by christmas- if you're seeing results already (i am! ) then i can't see why it wouldn't sort it if you also have a good diet and washing regime!
  11. well i'm in a similar(ish) situation- although i only took doxy for 6 weeks (it didn't wpork). i've since started lymecycline for a week, and have been applying BP for the first time during this week as well- but my acne has improved, although it does dry out my skin. but seeing as your son is already clear, then i guess it's not gonna apply.
  12. oooh i'm tempted to grow my own weed! for some reason i've had a hell of a hard time gettin' hold of any here, and could save me a fair bit of cash as well- would help alot with my stress!
  13. i genuinely feel for you mate. i was (am?) in a very similar situation- i myself am 20, and didn't suffer from acne until i was late 18 ish. I entirely changed my lifestyle around it (diet, washing habits etc), and it too did (does?) affect almost everything I do- virtually the first thing i do when i wake up in the morning is check the mirror to see how much better/worse it looks. it is extremely tough, and it got me VERY VERY down at times. It's a massive cliche i know, but you really just h
  14. all due respect, but i'd say most if not everyone that is on this board that suffers from acne is here for the sole reason that they care about how they look- and it's a complete lie to say that people don't, everyone does to a certain degree- just some more than others. I'm sure as hell not shallow for caring about how I look either, thanks! I've met a load of mates through my teens by playing football and watching football, true they are generally not the most 'mirror hugging' bunch but get