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  1. If I'm guaranteed perfectly clear skin for the rest of my life. Zero pimple/cyst. No scar. Nada. $50,000 USD.
  2. not much of advice but be thankful that you at least have acne-free skin. Be content. Otherwise this will never stop. Once you have baby butt smooth skin who knows what you'll want next. You'll always find flaws and stay unhappy if you don't learn to be content...
  3. 1: Proactive is an effective product against acne - not for me 2: Masturbation can effect acne - yes 3: Acne goes away right after puberty - it definitely did not for me 4: Acne can causes anxiety - yes 5: Acne affects your chances of getting a job - yes, there are studies done on this matter 6: Acne can trigger panic attacks - yes 7: Washing your face is ineffective against acne - i do not know, but at least it makes me feel cleaner. 8: Milk causes acne - not for me. I've
  4. How do you cope with severe acne in a professional setting where you dress in business attires and constantly interact with your coworkers and other professionals? Do you wear tons of make-up to hide acne scars and cysts? What do guys do? Do you lock yourself in your cubicle and avoid interaction as much as possible, or do you man up and act as if nothing is bothering you? I'm usually good at not letting acne bother me and not letting it affect my attitude at work. Though I do take a 15 minut
    oh my... where do I start... clears skin overnight reduces oil fast & keeps it off works on cysts reduces redness, pimples... smells fantastic very affordable none yet. granted I've only been using it for a few weeks, but so far the result has been spectacular. This is THE CURE for acne. It's almost miraculous how fast this cleanser takes effect. Give it a try right now... I was skeptical about a Neutrogena product too. I mean, who woulda thought a cleanser sold
  5. worked well haven't found yet worked okay Carley's shea butter soap Neutrogena oil eliminating foaming cleanser - surprisingly fast results sucked Carley's clear and smooth - terrible Proactiv Accutane - this is NOT the cure for acne AcneScript (oily skin) - bs BP 10%
  6. I saw your pic in another thread. scarring devastation... lol gimme a break... cry me a river
  7. I don't see any acne... the movie wouldn't have been nearly as much successful if Forrest had acne
  8. I always wondered if I could transplant my buttocks skin on my fking face.
  9. well... first week I sort of just decided to give myself an extended break... heh I can't be seen in public like this.
  10. Don't uhmm me, and don't call me stupid. It was a serious question. Has anyone taken all 60 pills in a day/short span of time?
  11. too long, didn't read... for me it goes like this: break out, break out some more, break out again, then again then again then again. so FU guys
  12. Yea it was a sample. two 60 capsule battles for $11. btw, would it cure my acne if I took all 60 in a day?
  13. been using acnescript for 3 weeks... this garbage does not work. I want my $11 back