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  1. I am now on Nimegen (Isotretinion 10mg) + antibiotics + Tretinoin cream + possibly BP. Was told to quit Differin. Let's see if I can change the title. So today: Day 1 of Nimegen. I will start on the antibiotics tomorrow. Please, please, no dreaded IB
  2. I thought it was getting better. I think it really isn't. Those bumps, they hurt so bad, they itch. They burn. I think I am going to see a derm tomorrow. I can't take this anymore.
  3. I started Differin again. I'm not sure if that was a right choice now. My chin is covered with cysts
  4. So I think was skin was worst when I was at 14 or 15, thereabout. It took me too long to see a derm. My cheeks were the problematic areas then (which are clear now), the leftover scars constantly remind me of my acne problems. I really regret not seeing the derm earlier. I was prescribed Minocycline (?), Dalacin T in the day and Differin in the night. It took awhile to see results. Then I stopped the antibiotics.. they came back again. I went back to the derm and said I would like accutane. Sh
  5. I have really bad milia (bumpy white stuff??) on my chest, resulting in my lack of confidence to wear V neck or any shirts with a neck lower than a normal tee shirt. Both my shoulders are full of it too. I can't seem to get rid of them, even if I apply PC'S BHA2% Liquid on them. Help! I really want to have smooth beautiful chest I noticed my friends have all smooth nice chest skin, whereas mine is so bumpy......... I think im the only one with this problem cos I havent heard anyone complaini
  6. I am new. I've been wanting to post on here for support, but never did. I finally did today... I don't know why I'm breaking out non stop. I just got like 8 pimples or so out of no where on the left side of my face. Left/fresh breakouts. My right face is just recovering from the bad breakout. I have bad ones at the bottom of my chin/neck too.. Right/bad scarring. I do not feel like going out to meet the world, I feel so self-conscious and ugly. I am using PC's 2% BHA now but it's not