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  1. Day 48 i think Grr.. annoyed today.. first of all.. I was bad again last night and didn't come home early. So once I got home at about 3 am I had two new pimples. When I left my house at 6 they were no where in sight. Thankfully, they aren't too bad. The rest of this week I have to be at work early so i will have no choice to go home early, which will be good for my skin. I was only annoyed about the new pimples because I know I only have myself to blame for them. Since I'm almost out of my an
  2. Day 47 Unfortunately I had a little break out the day after my last post. Not terribly bad though. I have a really bad habit of falling asleep at my boyfriends house with my make up on - which I think has a lot to do with my skin troubles. My acne has been a problem far longer than I have been doing this, but I think it prevents the things I am using from working as well as they otherwise would. Anyways, then I always end up going home at 3 or 4 in the morning and then washing my face and doing
  3. Tara- thank you for following taking the time to read when I post, you are absolutely right, the pimples will come either way! I was wondering how the AHA has been working out for you. I have just been using it as a spot treatment, but I will probably give it another try at night some time soon. I know what you mean about the alternating pimples. It's weird how I used to get one on one cheek and then a day or two later the mirror image of it would show up on my other cheek. No bueno! Now it is
  4. Day 43 I can't believe its been 6 weeks already. I have been really afraid of posting because every time I get excited that my skin is clearing up I break out again. After only two weeks I got overly anxious and decided to try the AHA. I just really wanted my red marks to go away! But, it was definitely too soon and was a bad idea. I only used in on my lower left cheek and chin area and all hell broke loose. I got 3 or 4 really ugly big white heads, only in that area. Luckily, it wasn't the e
  5. BP does work for a lot of people. Unfortunately for some people it doesn't. There isn't any one acne product that has proven completely effective, not even accutane. I think that using BP is far less dangerous than any antibiotic or accutane. My dermatologist has been prescribing BP to me for the past ten years- the regimen was different than Dan's though. I never really felt that BP did anything for me until I tried it Dan's way and at the beginning I was very skeptical. I have been doing the D
  6. Sorry to hear about your experiences but those are not the ones I am having. I love how my skin looks right now. It used to be incredibly oily and is not anymore. I don't have to run home after being out for a few hours to wash my face. People I work with used to comment about how oily my face would get from the time I got to work until an hour later. I also used to get really really dry around my mouth and on my chin. I mean it was a cracking and embarrassing mess - plus I had the oil at the sa
  7. I have to agree with every one else. I have had acne since I was 10 and I am now 20. There have been plenty of times where I haven't wanted to go somewhere because I didn't want anyone to see my face. Since I wear makeup people usually couldn't tell most of the time, until my skin got much worse and became more cystic about a year ago. But still, I love camping and that kind of stuff but I never want to go away with my friends or boyfriend because I don't like when they see me without makeup. I
  8. Hey Tara! I just said the same thing in a post a few minutes ago.. that I could use some encouragement today. I think I got an initial purging where I used the AHA a few days ago. Getting new pimples always gets me down, but I think it is important to remember how much better your skin looks than when you first started! I still wish my skin would be better than it is now, but it is much better than the cystic acne I had all over my face before I went back to the derm in May. I also try not to j
  9. So, after years of trying absolutely everything (proactive, every OTC possible, benzaclin, duac, antibiotics, everything but accutane..) I am giving the DKR a try. At first I was very skeptical, didn't even think about giving it a try. Then, I started to get a pretty bad breakout and thought oh what the heck. I won't give my whole background, but I have mild cystic acne. The first two weeks weren't so bad. I did get a little break out but I could deal with it. Now I'm just over two weeks in and
  10. Yes. Whenever I have tried new things I would tell myself I will be clear within a few months or by summer. I have also been practically living at my dermatologist office- which hasn't completely helped either. I also remember being in 7th grade and doing the same exact thing.. planning on being clear by the end of christmas break. Unfortunately I am almost 21 now and stilllll not clear. I just started Dan's regimen a little over two weeks ago and I am hoping for great results. I also started ta
  11. I used pro active for over two years and never got really clear. I felt like it kept my skin somewhat under control but it definitely wasn't anything to get excited over. The only people I have heard that got great results from it were on the commercials lol. But, everyone is different, if you feel like it is working I would keep with it and see what happens. Hopefully it continues to work for you, and if it doesn't you'll just have to try something else.
  12. ahh! i know what you mean. I just started Dec. 4. The first week i had hardly any new pimples and even if I did the BP took care of them right away. The second week was not bad either, a few small pimples. So now I am only a little over two weeks in and I got two new ones yesterday and three I can feel under my skin and I can tell they aren't gonna be pretty. Hearing everyone else's success stories is really helpful and encouraging, but I hope to see the real results myself! I hope we both star
  13. Good luck on the regimen! I am now on my 15th day and have been very happy with it. I already am completely faithful in this regimen and I think you will have great results too!
  14. I apologize.. this post turned out to be much longer than I anticipated.. so I thought I would give an update. I have been checking out the boards almost daily but not posting. After a week in I broke out a little bit over my top lip. Luckly they were all small but there were about 5 of them. The left side of my face has always been the bad side but I have just been getting a pimple here and there and they have all been small. No new cysts, which is great. I used to only get cysts, I have neve
  15. Hi Tara! I just wanted to let you know I have enjoyed reading your log. I am on day 9 now and am loving it! I think my skin is pretty similar to yours so it has helped and given me encouragement. I am also on antibiotics- I was on doryx 100mg until a few days ago but since I became resistant to it I am now on Oracea. I don't think the antibiotics are really doing anything anymore but I, too, am afraid to stop. I am still breaking out a little bit, but my skin is looking much better than a week