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  1. so you want to put oil in your hair and get lice? not a good idea. speak to a doctor
  2. Cystic acne can only be cured by accutane. lemon juice and external remedies arent going to work because the problem lies beneath the skin. once you're on accutane, you will never look back.
  3. its recommended you put bp on before you sleep. so why not do that after school at least
  4. mix bp with water and put it in a spray bottle.
  5. you should start another course of accutane.
  6. you barely have any acne. you should try antibiotics like minocycline. ask your doctor.
  7. also try to stay out of the sun as the sun will darken the scars and make em more visible. my derm said bacne scars should fade away in 12 months
  8. h8acne11

    Completely cleared my back and chest acne. Gave my skin a nice shine. Unclogged pores on my nose that had been there since i was 13. mildly dry lips Accutane is the best product out on the market and is worth getting.
  9. If it's moderately severe, I recommend accutane.
  10. Doesn't have to be a high fat meal. thats just bad advice. You should take it during or after a meal. Accutane is going to get absorbed no matter what food you eat.
  11. hows the starter kit going?

  12. Well dermatologists arent there to give the wrong treatment. Scars do fade over time.