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  1. I don't feel like reading through the whole thread, but short answer: yes. Long answer: Hell yes. I could write up a long ass answer with tons of reasons why it's worth it, but i'll keep it short by saying that going on accutane was one of the best decision I've made in my life. As a matter of fact, I'm halfway through my second course right now, because the acne started to come back 3 years after my first course. The only side effects I had on both courses were dry lips and skin. A bloody nose
  2. I can answer that question. 2 times accutane user here, so I know what it's like to go from having acne to having no acne. It doesn't change your life. It just makes everything easier. I'm not gonna lie, it's a very awesome feeling waking up in the morning not fearing any new pimples when going into the bathroom. It also makes everything much more enjoyable. But it doesn't magically make your life much better if you have deeper issues than acne (which quite alot of people seem to have on this bo
  3. Those red marks are not permanent. They do take a while to completely fade away though. The only thing that will really work is time. They WILL fade away with time as long as you don't get new acne (because new acne = new redmarks). Drink a lot of water, exfoliate, moisturize and be patient. By the way. you could really use a tan. Your girlfriend is right saying that it's not that bad. What makes it look worse though, is the fact that your skin is so pale. Try to go out and spend some time in th
  4. I got wasted a couple times on my first course and everything was alright. Well.. I'm still alive . I'm on a second course 4 years later and I drink whenever I want to (not very often anyway). I don't think it's that bad honestly unless you'd get wasted 7 days straight which I doubt you will. Just my 2 cent. Good luck with your course
  5. Day 17 Hi guys, just a quick update. I Have a little break out on my back right now that consist of 3 average pimples and 1 kind of big pimple (cyst I think). I popped the 2 smallest ones (couldn't resist). I also have another pimple along my hairline, behind my head, that is quite painful. So is this my initial breakout? I wouldn't call that an initial breakout, but if it's as bad as it's gonna get, sign me up for that. I'd much rather have it on my back than on my face. Face is still 100
  6. Wrong. Your pores permanently shrink and there is about a 25-50% chance that your acne will return within 2 years. Read up on it before you write nonsense. Constipation is either from your digestive system cleaning properly, or you are over-taking a certain vitamin/supplement (excess of it). Look, I have nothing against your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but first of all: why would I care if my pores shrink? Is that even true, do you have any proofs of that and if true, wh
  7. Wrong. Your pores permanently shrink and there is about a 25-50% chance that your acne will return within 2 years. Read up on it before you write nonsense. Constipation is either from your digestive system cleaning properly, or you are over-taking a certain vitamin/supplement (excess of it). Look, I have nothing against your opinion. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but first of all: why would I care if my pores shrink? Is that even true, do you have any proofs of that and if true, wh
  8. damn that's very high. I've never seen anyone take that dosage, I can't comment on it being good or bad. I guess you have to trust your derm on this one.
  9. Day 15 Hi ghost town. Nothing major to report. I got some very tiny whiteheads here and there in the last 4 days, but they appear and disappear within the same day. I have not been unhappy about my skin at any point in the first 15 days so far. This is really awesome to be honest. Oh and I've been eating a bunch of foods that I know made me break out before accutane and everything's been good so far. This has to be one of the most awesome thing so far on accutane. Lips still very dry,
  10. I know what you mean because I am obsessive too, therefore i don't blame skillgrid at all and almost get mad htat people attack him for caring. I mean why wouldn't he want to make it look perfect again? It shouldn't make him feel too bad because it isn't, but then again we have to all remember that everyone's "bad" is relevent. Yeah, I don't blame him for feeling bad about his skin. I know everyone wants perfect skin and that everyone's ''bad'' is relative. But I can spot unhealthy and obsessiv
  11. Washing with water and moisturizing with Cetaphil has been working well for me. You can use a gentle face wash if you want, but it's not a necessity. I wear contact lenses and I don't really have any problems with it, but I have to admit that I can't wait to take them off when I get home, because they do start to make my eyes feel dry at the end of the day.
  12. You have what is called ''body dysmorphic disorder'' (Not kidding) Look it up. You should listen to what everyone said here. Even though some were kind of rude about it (and I kind of understand them) They're just trying to do you a favor. Your problem is mental and if you don't fix it, it'll hunt you for a long time. Trust me, this is coming from someone who had the same problem as you. I would be obsessed about any freaking little thing on my face that people would never even pay attention
  13. I say save yourself some time and a lot of pain. Take accutane and be done with it. Let people who are scared of taking it keep on inventing bullshit horror stories. You can either take it, get 100% clear and enjoy life OR you can start becoming obsessed and watching everything you eat scared that it'll make you breakout. The choice is up to you man. By the way the only side effects you'll get on accutane are dry lips and skin. I call that a small price to pay for clear skin.
  14. That's not how it works. Accutane shrinks your oil glands so they can't produce as much oil anymore. That is the cause of acne. Accutane pretty much buy you some time so you can grow out of acne naturally (as in getting older , hormones normalizing and sebum production decreasing naturally). The shrinking of oil glands is temporary though and when the oil get back to normal you'll start getting acne again if your body hasn't grew out of acne yet. That's why the success rate gets higher and highe
  15. Day 11 I have to say, so far I am blown away by how fast accutane has been working. My skin is flawless right now, except for one tiny whitehead that you can't even see unless you're looking for it. The major reason why it's working so fast is probably because it's my second course and that I didn't have that much acne to begin with. The redness from my sunburn has been fading so that also helps with the overall look of my skin. I'm praying that I don't get some sort of initial break out l
  16. aw thanks, this was really motivational!!! how long did it take you to clear the first time around (how many months into accutane, approx?) i'm glad there is light at the end of this LONG tunnel! but sometimes i'm really happy i'm just on accutane at all, to know that there IS a solution... using the endless topicals and antibiotics without knowing if they'd work or not was the most frustrating thing! day 11: THE IB IS HERE! it actually started a few days ago and i feel like every single pore on
  17. We have an idiot over here ladies and gentlemen. Please make sure not to listen to this guy. 4 days of accutane and he knows it all. Accutane destroyed his erection after 4 days. Enjoy the acne sir.
  18. No offense, but you sound like such a drama queen. Some people don't start clearing up until the fourth month. You come in here saying accutane is not working at all, then you admit it's working in terms of stopping your breakouts which is exactly what's it's supposed to do (and that's only 2 months in). So you start complaining about the fact that it doesn't do anything for PIH. Sounds like you just want to complain about something. Maybe you should take a step back and realise the fact that yo
  19. Oh boy, nice false information guys. First of all, 40mg isn't the biggest dosage that derms prescribe. They often prescribe 80mg a day and sometimes even more. It all depends on your weight. Second of all, you should not definitely take as big dosage as possible. I ,for one, took only 40mg a day for 5 months (I weight 160) and I got 100% clear for 3+ years. Your dermatologist will decide what dosage you should be on, not acne.org members. edit: Oh and to answer the OP. That's just not
  20. hehe thanks! how are things with you accutane buddy?! i'm wondering if my derm is going to up my dose next month since i heard you're supposed to have 1mg/kg for maximum effectiveness. thoughts? not sure if i've been seeing much progress on 40mgs, but at the same time upping my dosage and maybe seeing more severe side effects scares me! day 7: woo a week down! another 23 weeks to go! LOL seems soooo long, i really cannot envision myself without acne for some reason, i've had it for so long! SKI
  21. Hey! One week down already, It'll be over before we know it (ok, maybe not that fast, but you know what I mean ) Keep us updated and I hope you're doing well!
  22. DAY 7 Wow!! One week down already! So this is going to be a quick update guys since there's not that much to report. Skin is doing pretty darn good. I have no actives right now, but only 3 or 4 red marks from the white heads I got on day 4. I hope I can avoid the dreaded initial break out (crossing my fingers). I might have a good chance though since it's my second course and I didn't really have much acne to begin with. The dryness has set-in, but it's nothing too bad so far. I'm usin
  23. Hey! Same day, same dosage, that's awesome I see that you have a log too, I'll make sure to follow your progress! Yeah the whiteheads are really a pain in the ass, but it's for the best. Just tell yourself that every pimple you get on accutane is bringing you closer to the end of it. I can assure you that in 5 months (probably even less) you'll be able to enjoy clear skin! As for the oily skin, I can't really tell you the reason why there's more oil (Maybe accutane is pushing the excess oil out
  24. DAY 5 So hey guys, I know it's only been 1 day since my last update, but wow how things have changed. FAST. Today is the first day I could really tell that I was on accutane. I live in canada and it was ridiculously cold today (minus 28 degrees celsius) actually, and this really made my skin feel dry and uncomfortable. Acne wise, I can really notice that my skin is not behaving the same. Everything seems to be speed up. The 3 whiteheads I got yesterday were gone this morning. But then I g