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  1. ~~~ Day 6 Morning--Nov 25, 2008 ~~~ My face feels like it's on fire! Jeez, it's a feeling I don't want again, ever. Since I didn't put on any moisturizer at night for the last two days, my skin has been getting dry and flaky. It's not a good feeling. So I decided to put on some moisturizer, oh boy. My skin felt like it was burning badly. Then it got better. What a horrible feeling. I have a math test today, I feel somewhat ready for it. One more thing, these remnants of pustules are bothering m
  2. ~~~ Day 5 Night--Nov 24, 2008 ~~~ Same old, same old. Is it just me or is it that looking in the mirror right after applying BP, your acne looks larger? Sorry, no picture tonight. I got a math test tomorrow and I was busy studying. ~~~ Acne Count ~~~ 2 Pustule (with 3-4 extremely small ones that are disappearing) Still lots of blackheads ~~~
  3. ~~~ Day 5 Morning--Nov 24, 2008 ~~~ No change at all. I'm going to be late! Got 2 go! ~~~ Acne Count ~~~ 2 Pustule (with 3-4 extremely small ones that are disappearing) Still lots of blackheads ~~~
  4. Thanks for pointing that out. My skin is weathered from all the hiking I do. The only thing I feel is a little burning sensation (Kind of like pepper) right after applying BP. That goes away in 4-5 minutes.
  5. ~~~ Day 4 Night--Nov 23, 2008 ~~~ Still the same as morning. 2 of which bothers me. 1 Pustule is on the side of my forehead. The other is on my nose. Both are relatively small. The other ones are still micro-sized (They shrinked). I can't notice any whiteheads. The blackheads are really bothersome. I can't tell if they lighted or not. Pics: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3170/3054225809_504cce1c23.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3278/3054225601_84c0da9741.jpg ~~~ Acne Count ~~~ 2 Pustule (
  6. ~~~ Day 4 Morning--Nov 23, 2008 ~~~ The remaining acne on my forehead are a lot smaller and some disappeared. The only thing that worry me is the blackheads on my nose. I guess that takes time. I did not apply moisturizer this morning. I will only do so when I'm in public. Besides, my skin only has minor itching due to the BP. It doesn't even flake or peel ... I did forget to eat my vitamins today, got to remember that! ~~~ Acne Count ~~~ 2 Pustule (with 3-4 extremely small ones that are disa
  7. ~~~ Day 3 Night--Nov 22,2008 ~~~ Yes, the remaining acne has gotten a lot smaller. It makes me feel better knowing that. I didn't put any moisturizer on tonight, as that is optional. I think my skin is tough enough to handle the BP. Besides, it saves me the supplies... ~~~ Acne Count ~~~ 5 Pustule (1 on my nose) Still lots of whiteheads Still blackheads http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3180/3051397997_ba3a86b9cc.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3216/3052236084_69cf00bd81.jpg ~John
  8. ~~~ Day 3 Morning-- Nov 22, 2008 ~~~ Wow! My acne has gotten better in 3 days! I expect to get better in time. After putting BP on, my face was burning (feels like it's on fire) for about 5 minutes. I may have put more than I planned. I'm using 1/2 a pump for the first week. ~~~ Acne Count ~~~ 5 Pustule A lot of whiteheads A lot of blackheads (Still on my nose ~~~ The papule disappeared. Pustules are decreasing. The whiteheads and blackheads will disappear in time, I hope... ~John
  9. ~~~ Day 2 Night- Nov 21, 2008 (It's technically 11/22/08, but it's midnight!)) Absolutely nothing changed. But that's expected. Nothin special today. I decided to not use the attachment system here because it only gives my 1MB. I see that the board does not allow hotlinking... I'll just post these are "codes" (URLS). You can check them out if you want. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3016/3048889233_918aca644b.jpg http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3241/3049731056_891ab5213b.jpg ~Acne Progress
  10. ~~~ Day 2 Morning- Nov 21, 2008 ~~~ Hehe, couldn't resist posting. I had to wake up 20 minutes earlier than usual to do the Regimen. Might as well as get used to the earlier alarm. Lol, as a newb, I made mistakes while doing it. I forgot to dry my hands before using the BP. Azz!I smear BP on my lip (didn't mean to!). Now it's all dry. =( Well, those are minor things. Cleanser still feels the same. BP is still "poofy" (I love it!). Moisturizer now smells a bit better. May be getting used to it.
  11. ~~~ Day 1--Nov 20, 2008 ~~~ I just got my supplies from Acne.org and I'm so excited! Some background info on moi: Hi, my name is John and I am from People's Republic of China. I was born there and lived there for 7 years. Now, I reside in Pennsylvania. I am a freshman (9th grade) in a new high school. I decided to try out DKR because I was sick of my acne and decided to do something about it. I bought a Starter Kit of out my own pockets... . It arrived today, and here I am! My skin is somewhat