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  1. Hi! I was wondering if anyone has had success with a face cream that helps with smoothing skin texture, old acne scars in paricular. I have been using Retin-A gel for about 6 months now and I am basically acne free, a few here and there. I know Retin-A does help with the scars but is there anything else to use in conjuction with the gel to get even better results? There are so many products out there, vitamin c, copper peptides, etc. and I just dont know if any are good for smoothing the skin
  2. Steve- I am sorry to hear of your condition that you believe was caused by Accutane. However, Accutane for me was a godsend. I have had acne since I was 12 and I didn't take Accutane until I was 25....yes, I was in my twenty's and still had acne. So yes, while some people do outgrow it, not everyone does. And not everyone will have a horrible reaction to Accutane, everyone's chemistry is different. For ME, taking Accutane was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everyone should w
  3. Thanks for the reply AmandaJoy. I too noticed that the gel is very easy to spread and doesn't take much to get the job done. Just a couple questions...Does the gel have an alcohol smell to it? And does it absorb very quickly into your skin? Unfortunately, going to a derm is out of the question for me right now. No insurance combined with min. wage makes it nearly impossible!! And the tube does say Retin A gel with company logo on it, not just Trention (sp?). I know that doesn't prove it
  4. Hi HCS- I was a little confused with all the online companies saying their emu oil was better than all the rest So I just decided to go to the local health food store (Sunharvest) and purchase emu oil there (2oz. for $20). It is called Canyon River and its made in Texas, and of course they claim their Premuflo processed emu oil is the world's highest quality! So who knows...but I am very satisified with this. Then again this is my first time using emu oil so I have nothing to compare to. Ha
  5. This is what I do and my dryness is not that bad; it is tolerable. First I wash my face with Cetaphil, wait about 20-30 minutes and then put a pea-sized amount of retin a on my finger and then dab my forehead, my cheeks, chin, and finally my nose with the retin a. Then just spread it all over, it is plenty to cover my face. Then I wait about another 30 minutes and put a few drops of emu oil on my fingers, rub my hands together and then pat the oil on my face. I have been doing this every oth
  6. I just posted a new topic about this! I am using emu oil on my face right now, I am 3 weeks into using Retin A. I used to use Cetaphil also, and it worked pretty good. But this emu oil is the best yet. I got it at my local health food store. Good Luck!
  7. Hi all- I have always used Cetaphil but I have made a recent discovery on something better that I thought I would share with those of you using a drying medication for your face. I am currently 3 weeks into using Retin A Gel 0.01% (this is not my first time using Retin A, so I know about the dreadful dry skin) and about a week ago I discovered Emu Oil. I am telling you, this stuff is awesome. I do have a few, very, very small patches of dry skin still, but this emu oil is still the best mois
  8. Hi everyone! This is my first post on here and I have a couple of questions I am hoping you all can help me out with. I am 27 and have been on and off Retin A for about 15 years. First was the cream, then the Micro (combined with Accutane), and now the gel. I have only started using the gel 0.01 (bought in Mexico) about a week ago, every other night. I figured the Micro and the gel would be a similar consistancy/texture/feel on the face but they are quite different. The gel is thicker th