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  1. Over the past 12 years I've taken 5 courses of the stuff...and I'm still kickin'. I'd give it a try on one course, and if it comes back...then try some of the more expensive alternative methods. I kinda wish I stopped at 3 courses...but so be it!
  2. Some of it depends on if you have health insurance and what your financial situation is. If you have health insurance, you can see a dermatologist and get some prescription meds. From the doctor: Oral antibiotics can be helpful and usually the first step. and Topical antibiotics and Retin A can also be a good start. From the store, you can get a face wash that has salicylic acid 2%. Like neutragena for acne has this, and many others.
  3. Hello, I have experience with all three of these treatments. As someone mentioned, Doxy does increase your sensitivity to light and Isolaz is light...therefore there an increased liklihood of getting burned. Spironolactone takes at least 3 months to show improvement. Spiro will reduce oiliness. Are you also taking birth control pills like Yaz? Unless you can't take birth control pills, I would try that as well. There is no problem with Spiro and Isolaz together. I saw improvement onl
  4. I believe men can get folliculitis from shaving (a bacterial infection). If so, you would need antibiotics (like erythromycin--topical). At any rate, you should go see a dermatologist. It may not be acne, it may be folliculitis.
  5. Those are some freakin' expensive birth control pills! you can get orthotricyclen for $9.99 for three months at Walmart.
  6. Were you taking any medications when you got the "hives"? Did they itch like hives, or how were they like hives? Yes, I have had five round of accutane with little drying (just lips) and resulted in perfect skin. After I am off of it for one year, the cystic acne comes back. Suggestions, would be to see the dermatologist to see if it is indeed cystic acne that is popping up. If it is cystic acne, I have had a lot of success with Isolaz laser treatments. You can search that for more
  7. Have you been to see a dermatologist? Its pretty common for guys to get a little staph folliculitis from shaving. We all naturally have some staph (bacteria) on our skin...and by shaving, it can open up some areas of skin to get infected. The treatment is topical erythromycin (antibiotic). Or, it could be acne....I don't know....but if it bothers you, you should see a dermatologist.
  8. True, cefpodoxime is not a tetracycline. But neither is erythromycin and clindamycin....and those are actually used to treat acne. I'd definitely visit your gynecologist, or any primary care doctor for birth control pills. Orthotricylin is 9.99$ for three months at Walmart. Also, if you have good insurance, Yaz and Yasmin are two other brands that treat acne. And, definitely try these other options before accutane. Accutane will take away your acne, but it is way harsh on your body, so
  9. I have never heard of Cefpodoxime prescribed for acne. Usually its doxy, mino, or erythromycin. I have also taken clindamycin (oral). That is in in a different class of anti-biotics, than mino, so I'm not a doc, but I would think that one would be okay. Clindamycin actually worked the best for me, for about 6 months. What have you tried in the past? If your body cannot tolerate the minocycline (so you wouldn't be able to take doxy either), then I would think to try something besides antibi
  10. Check out the scar forum. It depends on what kind of scar it is. If its really deep, it can be excised (cut out, so there is a linear scar), or you can have TCA cross. If its shallow, you could apply copper peptides. Other scar treatments are using lasers, but for just one scar...thats not gonna be worth it.
  11. Definitely do not put hydrogen peroxide on your face. Hydrogen peroxide does kill bacteria, but it also kills the skin cells with it. Hydrogen peroxide can be used ONCE when you cut yourself, but don't even use it repeatedly on a wound on your arm. It will scar. Personally, I find that if it can be squeezed, it should be. An aesthetician taught me the proper squeezing method, which is dipping 2 Qtips in rubbing alcohol and using those to pinch it. But, I'm stuck in the old method of usi
  12. Yeah, thats what I'm talkin about!! A quality set of goggles to block blue light. My acnelamp came with goggles, but they are cheap and the plastic presses really hard on your face. It hurts, and leaves really indented red marks. So, lookin for a better pair.
  13. Great thanks for the reply. Anyone else? I think the aluminum foil might be the trick.
  14. Blue Dove, Zeno might help your cysts clear faster. But its really not for cysts, its more effective for papules. Did you look into Isolaz? That is for cysts! I'm only writing because it helped me and I care about other women who are going through this.
  15. I am trying to figure out if my scars are deep or superficial. One doc says superficial, another deep. I think superficial. So, here is a question. If you have deep scars, can you feel the scar tissue when you press on it? I'm imagining kind of like you can feel the scar tissue once your pierced ear has closed up. My out of town brother, who is a doc but not a derm, thought that if the scars were deep I'd probably be able to feel the scar tissue. Is that right?