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  1. i just wanted to know if anyone had any experience from going to accutane after using tazorac. Do you think coming off tazorac caused you to break out adding on to the initial breakout period? I am on tazorac right now and have been on it since november. It has greatly improved my skin but i guess not enough since the derm prescribed me accutane. i had the worse initial breakout when starting tazorac so im wondering since its a retinoid and accutane is a retinoid.is it gonna benefit me someh
  2. Heyy megan..i just wanted to see how accutane is working on ur closed comedones..im going on it in a month for the same thing and im wondering how it treats this type of acne? Also, have u managed to find a type of makeup to cover this type of acne up?
  3. I just wanted to know if anyone went on accutane simply for this and how were their results? btw is there anyone starting accutane at the end of april/beginning of May?
  4. Like alot of people im really worried about getting that IB especially since ill be starting in May right before the summer..so i just wanted to ask around..did makeup help you get thru ur accutane IB and if so what did you use?
  5. yea..actually ive been on tazorac for a WHILE now..close to 4 months so basically thats my last option..i actually haven't been wearing makeup at all and i figure since im going on accutane it doesnt really matter what happens now..lol..does mineral makeup help in covering up their appearance because mines dont get red..
  6. My acne is almost EXACTLY the same. Clinique foundation paired w/ bare minerals powder has worked well for me in the past. Good Luck! that helped with the oil also?..and did u ever find something to help with the acne or did u end up taking accutane?
  7. Hey..i just wanted to know if anyone could recommend a make-up for my type of acne. I have the non-inflamed comedonal whiteheads aka the most stubborn acne ever. They are mostly under the skin and are skin colored. But they don't have the sandpapery feel and my skin actually feels soft. I have them all over my cheeks and forehead and i figure since they refuse to budge i might as well cover them up. I'm wondering if this type of acne can even be covered up because these bumps are very apparent
  8. Heyy i just wanted to ask you did you find taking the oral antibiotics for just thirty days help? and also did u automatically come off of it or you slowly decreased your dosage to prevent a breakout? I wanted to know these things because right now im just finishing my first month on solodyn and im thinking about giving ti up but im scared of the after effects..
  9. I started tazorac a little more than three months ago. I am using the .05% cream but i have seen no improvement besides maybe my skin getting smoother. I just wanted to know if anyone had the same problem and then switched to the gel and saw improvement. On the cream i never experienced any dryness, peeling, or flaking so im thinking maybe it isn't strong enough? Also i stopped using moisturizer with the tazorac about three weeks ago because my face was just getting too oily. Still nothing but a
  10. I had the veryy same question funny that you mention that cus i jus had my mom buy them for me today so i wanna kno the answer to that 2..
  11. ok so i went to the dermatologist today...and after two months of taking minocycline 200 mg a day and benzamycin..he tells me to stop using the benzamycin and prescribes me tazorac..which he claims will help with the dark spots left on my skin from taking one of the two (minocycline or benzamycin)..he wants me to continue using the minocycline So i have a couple of questions.. my dermatologist told me to dilute the tazorac with aquaphor healing ointment before i put it on my face..is that a sma