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  1. Been using this method for the last 5 days and although I slightly broke out on the left side of my face my red marks seem to be slightly fading. I've added Manuka Honey to the mask and im really happy with the progress so far. I don't use any acne cream though.
  2. Wow this sounds very promising, I might give it a go. Anyone who has started this keep us updated on progress!
  3. ABG Fairy i've been reading through this thread for the last hour and I have to say I admire the amount of effort you put into responding to everyone and how informative you are. Had my first green smoothie today and it was delecious tbh. Im going to drink one every morning and especially before the gym because I reckon it would give me a good bit of energy. Il keep you updated on any changes in my skin!
  4. Thanks...Really appreciated =)

  5. Best of luck on your accutane course :)

  6. Ive been on acutane three weeks...my ib started last week and id say as of now it isnt that bad but its getiing worse....
  7. Sorry for the double post but im just wondering if anyone else had any experience with "Simple" products?
  8. why is accutane not an option? edit:Sorry didnt see the above post
  9. Why only twice a week?Is it bad to do it too much??? Thanks.
  10. Sorry if this has been asked before... Is it okay to apply sudocrem to your face at night to speed up healing while on accutane? Or would it make my face too oily therefore just adding to the oil the accutane is getting rid of? Please id love to know because the sudocrem has been really reducing redness for me and im hoping i can keep using it... Thanks
  11. Im really confused on this subject...When i shaved it really agitates my skin but if i don't shave there is an increase in acne most of the time. Is it okay to use an electric razor???Or is that bad?
  12. Ive noticed a positive side effect on my sex life since i start taking accutane...Really doubt its related though...haha.
  13. Cheers for the info...Its just i havent seen anything about "Simple" products on this site so i wasn't too sure. That first website really helps thanks. :)
  14. Right so ive been snooping around these forums for a bit and i finally made an account to hopefully help and ask some questions . Anyway im one week into my 6 months of Accutane!(Slight IB) And well im really not sure what to use on my face? So far ive read of the wonders of Sudocrem and for the last three nights ive applied it and it has in fact reduced redness But obviously on such a dry product like Accutane i need a good moisturizer,But from posts on this board im afraid it will possibly