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  1. This is probably a dumb question but I have to ask. Can you use Nair or any other chemical hair remover while on Accutane?
  2. Well, I have already done terrible at keeping up with my blog. That's great!.. Anyway, I went and had a blood test done on the 1st. I hardly even felt it but later that night my whole are hurt terribly and I got a migraine (don't know if that is related but just thought I'd mention it.) So, the next morning my derm nurse calls and says "Hi Amanda we got your lab results and you had it done to soon." To which I reply, no I didn't I could have had it done on the 30th but that was a Sunday." So she
  3. Well, I am almost there. On Monday I do my last blood test before the doc FINALLY wrights my scrip! Hopefully a day or two after that I will be starting my Tane journey. I want to hurry up and start so I can hurry up and finish already. Anyway, I will keep things posted as soon as I can.
  4. Hi Everyone! My name is Amanda. I am 25 years old and have had acne for about 14 years. It was awful in high school and has changed alot the older I get. I used to have nodular acne and I would get huge bright red bumps all over, forehead to hind end... I've tried everything it seems. I tried over the counter spot treatment I tried Proactiv, antibiotics, Differin Gel, witch hazel and many other things over the years. I always ended up with the same result; worked a little but things always went
  5. Pictures before starting Accutane
  6. From the album: Before starting Accutane

    Blackheads and a few active spots on my left side.