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    wasup ya'll so I went to the dermatologits like 1 month ago and given ( clindoxyl gel, retisol-a, and trimethoprim ) within a month I no longer have acne, but a shitload of redmarks that looks just as bad. Anyways, the doctor told me to put the clindoxyl gel all over my face, my acne is mostly on my cheeks, between my eyebrows and chin. I was like no way am i going to put this shit on my forehead for the tinest little bumbs ( like the girl on the proactive commercial - EVERYONE HAS THESE... SUC
  2. to them were just paying for there benz
  3. So ive done the no washing thing for a long time now. I didn't touch water to my face for an entire month, and what I learned was topicals really don't do sh*t. But i think you guys would be better off using water ever few days or so and scrubbing off the dead skin.
  4. and what was yours? diet? p.s. i did the no wash regimen for a full month.... biggest mistake ive ever made lol. I kept a photo log and it goes from decent to terrible..
  5. personaly i think that shit ruined your face, your skin looks isn't acne riddeld but just bad looking, your lucky ur black otherwise that would look hurendous. personal opinion everybody.. dont attack me
  6. hey i look about the same.. thanks to bp. I'm afraid that if I stop BP my acne will come back. WHat should I do???
  7. i just drink 1 cup a night, but use two bags and yea it works for me too
  8. man that pisses me off when they just prescribe like they know everything. I wouldn't go on retin-a... it really dosent do sh*t. just wash your face twice a day and thats it.. dont worry about the oil, thats not whats giving you acne
  9. 1) swimming in chlorine water or when im back home in the ocean 2) sauna 3) changing my pillow case 4) rooibos tea - im so glad you said that. I love it. have you ever tried with lemon and honey? 5) ignoring it
  10. try "clindoxyl gel" is BP and clindamycin combined. Worked really well for me. It will clear that up in a month. Also do you not pop your zits? If you dont thats really good, but i find they look less 'gross' when their popped..
  11. ya homies got it right. Your acne is mild, like mine, except i was putting about 5 different things on my face a day and that turned it into moderate acne with occasional cyst. Just exercise, eat not greasy every meal, puff that herb and give it time
  12. p.s. i love snowboard, skateboarding, wakeboarding, surfing, exercising, running, jumping, swimming and to get arthritus or even some form of muscle pain that dosen't allow me to do the above I could care less about living. acne is so mild, be thankfull you don't have a disability
  13. nobody knows what the side effects of acne will play on your body in 40 years, and believe me when your 60 you care just as much about life as you do now.