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  1. Isn't keratosis pilaris associated with rough, bumpy skin? That, I don't have. I have tried Eucerin products in the past, and they are okay. I recently bought Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer with SPF 15. So, I'm gonna give that a go. If that doesn't help, I'll try Eucerin for sure. I am anxious to get a diagnosis, so calling the derm everyday (even if it may be annoying) is a good idea. Thanks guys!
  2. I know that BP can cause massive redness in the first couple of weeks. I am wondering how long people have experienced redness, and how long did it take for the redness to subside? Did it only subside after you were applying 2 pumps twice a day for a while? Just curious as to what other people's experiences were regarding redness caused from BP. Thanks in advance.
  3. I was on accutane in high school, but that was a long time ago (almost 10 years). I don't really have episodes...to me it is always red. When I incorporate Dan's BP in my regimen it really clears up/prevents whiteheads, but my skin looks more red. Not sure if that would be temporary or not. Do you think something like Prosacea would help? Some of the Keratosis pics look similar but I didn't see anything of them where the redness goes into the temples.
  4. Anyone? The redness goes from my temples and down threw my cheeks. Forehead isn't red. Little redness around my nose. I do get whiteheads, but it seems that they're only present around where the redness is. Have a derm appointment, but not until March.
  5. Here are a few pictures of myself. I think I may have rosacea, but have not gone to a derm yet. Wondering if anyone has, or has seen something similar to this redness. Thanks.
  6. I know flakiness and peeling is a big deal. I'm dealing with it right now! With that said, I have a question regarding the application of moisturizer. In every article about facial care, or skin care in general, it specifies that the purpose of moisturizers is to retain moisture. So, wouldn't it make sense to apply the moisturizer immediatley upon applying BP, instead of waiting for the skin to become dry and lacking the moisture to be retained? Any thoughts? Comments?
  7. I'm 28 now, but I took Accutane in high school. I was probably between 5'10"-6" when I started. By the time I was a senior I was 6'3".
  8. Wondering if anyone has tried moisturizing first, then applying the BP. What were your results? Also, has anyone tried Aveeno moisturizer? I'm thinking about looking trying Aveeno Ultra Calming Moisturizer. Curious as to how Aveeno products work with the regimen. Thanks.
  9. If I think I am moving too quickly with the BP, is it better to tone it down or just to suck it up. Been on the regimen for a little over 2 weeks and recently began using 1 pump twice a day. I'm thinking about reducing BP application for 3/4 pump once a day, and very very gradually increasing frequency and dosage. Any suggestion?
  10. Alright, here are some pictures of my redness I took today. As you can see, the bulk of the redness is primarily around the cheeks.
  11. Can't remember. Took it when I was in high school. I'm 28 now.
  12. I haven't done any research, but I used to take accutane and tetracycline. Could this be a side effect?
  13. I have a problem with my face being red. But, it's not my whole face. I began the regimen a little over 2 weeks ago. Everything is going good and I don't have any active acne (as far as I can tell) anymore. I had a problem with my face being red prior to beginning the regimen, so I don't think it's the BP. I using about 3/4 a pump right now. My face color is normal on my forehead and under my sideburns. The redness starts at my temples and curves down to cover my cheeks. I don't have any
  14. I'm a 28 year old guy and for me it's about personal confidence. It isn't the fact that a woman has acne that makes her unsexy, or unattractive. It is about her lack of self-confidence. I know, it sounds like an oxymoron, or something to say that if you have acne you still have to be, or act confidently...it's hard to do. If there is anyone who knows how hard it is, it's me! But, you have to get to a point where you're like, "Yeah, I have acne...so, what...if you don't wanna talk to me or g
  15. I haven't read any posts about this product, so I thought I would add one. There is a product that I like to use during the cleansing process that helps me remove some dead skin cells. It's the Aveda Facial Shammy. It's very soft, smooth, and doesn't irritate my skin. I use it to remove the cleanser after washing my face. What's nice about it is that when it's wet it incredibly soft, then when it dries it becomes hard which supposedly keeps bacteria out for the next use. Once wet again it