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  1. you can start it anytime. nothing bad happens. and if you dont want to go on birth control, you dont need to. I wasnt on birth control for my entire course of accutane.
  2. No I TOTALLY understand! after i wash my face and put my lotion on, i start to sweat before i can even apply my makeup. even in regular temperature rooms. so i tried opening a window, my face, esp above my upper lip still sweats. so i tried no face lotion. still, no difference. its odd. everytime i go out now, i have a dewy look. which is fine bc thats "in" but id rather not be sweating for no reason at all
  3. haha thanks girls. the story about the skin around the eyebrow peeling off with the hair definitely convinced me not to do it.
  4. hi girls. im on my 4th month of accutane at 60 mg a day. has anyone been in a similiar situation and got a bikini wax. i know were not supposed to wax on accutane, but its time for spring break and id like to get a wax. i just want to hear from someone who has gotten one first. (or from someone who got one and would advise me against it) thanks~
  5. shes right. im against birth control pills bc i dont want to put a bunch of shit into my body. the accutane is enough. they dont check to see if u are picking up ur birth control prescription.
  6. hey, who needs acne when you can have melanoma
  7. ill check it out. i just use Emergen-C. has a bunch of the other vitamins and minerals and no vitamin A
  8. i totally understand. on thanksgiving, we had a house full of company and in front of all the people my age that are my mom's friend's children, my sister goes...."umm your skin is looking really bad. you should use proactiv." and this is like 2 wks into my accutane course when she said that. it makes them look like the idiot. i dont even respond when she says stuff anymore. like today she was like, um i dont think your accutane is working. i dont even respond with anything regarding my skin. s
  9. its like that phantom limb syndrome. like when someone loses an arm of leg but they still feel like its there. i know how u feel. my skin is clearing up great. but i feel like i should expect to see it when i look in the mirror.
  10. not a big deal. if you dont take the accutane you will still have acne, which scars also. there are a lot of people whos dermatologists wont even prescribe the medicine. it works fine. and if you dont pick at the pimples, they shouldnt scab.
  11. yes okay. i have had the most vivid dreams while on accutane. i kind of like it though. some are scary, some are strange, and others are just vivid and fun
  12. i went through this phase where i was like. mmm the face products ive been using dont work and they contain a bunch of chemicals that i cant even pronounce. so i went to Whole Foods and picked up a face cleanser made by BWC (beauty without cruelty) and a face mask that was all natural too. i found that they didnt make a difference in the quality of my skin. i find them useful now because im on accutane and we cant use harsh products on your skin.