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  1. comment on eachother. Go for it tell us how you feel about eachother, say something nice about someone or confront someone get it off your chest and make it right again. Do not start fights though just express the matter in a nice way. Go For It!
  2. orrrrrr maybe i should stick my shoe your your ass. i dont care how i talk online because its not like you guys have any effect on my life so fuck off pussy. ...dont even know this gay faggot and hes talkin shit already...
  3. the threads of the emo forum is clashing with eachother as it put eachother to misery till death of that closed untangable link called "closed" caused by the corrupted souls that lies on our fingertips. once that click is pressed and released, we watch as magic work itself and we sit back to see its magnificence at work.
  4. yea when you just turn on that music and then start readin about peoples thoughts online, do you feel more differently then when you read it without? and when you reply you put more heart into it? im listenin to music right now and its makin me post this new thread. anyone feelin it? feels nice
  5. man its not like i smoke everyday. thats why i fantasy what to do next time im high and im not a fiend like you used to so its totally different... get your facts straight before you assume and give me gay advice i already know better but dont give a fuck anyways about it if i did fiend it everyday bitch.
  6. what to do the next time i high..... yeaaaaaa
  7. STFU, punk ass bitch. MAKE ME faggot peice of shit. go fuck your mom you worthless cock whoreing 2 doller bitch
  8. nah, I'm not like that. he can go keep his money uhh whats that movie...????? where those girls con people...uhh heart breakers? is that right? maybe you coulda pulled one of those =) and then when you con enough money you could by a cure for acne and help people all over the world with your 'ixean's acne curing solution' only $5.99 no tax included. hidden fees are 8000 bucks suckers
  9. wow, you guys have touched me in a way i can not explain, bravo bravo. everyone stand up and give them what they deserve...wow very moving but not enough, searchingforthesolution, you should have worked more on the emotional feeling, but the tone was right. ixean...nice try :lol2: it was a little too short and unexplained but i liked it. searchingforthesolution, being independent is hard and at times it can be very depressing. Are you still living with your mother? are you paying rent? anyt
  10. welll..............................yea its not like hes goin to run up to you with a boner and pop one into ya :lol2: next time be like, hmm a car? what about a house too?
  11. bbbwahahahaha how flattering...welllllllll nooot really it was an old man but at least hes human, so that counts. =P