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  1. I've been on minocycline for about 2 1/2 months and I am really pleased with the results i've seen. I know that after a while many people develope a resistance to these antibiotics and they no longer work for them. I just wanted to do a kind of informal survey. Anyone who has taken minocycline or similar antibiotics and had good results, how long before it no longer worked for you? And what did you do in terms of treatment after? Thanks.
  2. What are B5 capsules? I've read alot of people take them to help with their acne. Does it work? Can you take them with any other oral meds. (antibiotics) PLEEEEAAAASSSE let me know I feel like I've tried everything!
  3. I was just wondering if there is any difference between Minocin and generic minocycline, other then the price. I was on Minocin before and had to go back yesterday to have the prescription renewed. I wasn't able to see my regular doc and the new guy gave me a script for Gen. Minocycline. If anyone knows if there is any difference in the effectivness, side effects, etc. I would apperciate some feedback. Thanks :wink:
  4. I started taking Minocin 2 weeks ago. I'm on 100mg twice a day. I was just wondering, anyone else out there who has taken minocin before, how long beore you began to see results?, what kinds of results?, did they last?. I don't know anyone else that has taken it so I'm not really sure what expect. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks :?