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  1. Your scars is definitely smoother and improved a lots than before. Congratulations, keep update to us.
  2. Yeah, last night I use tca cross from Julie, and it not frosted like i did it in doctor, unsure about the quality of the product.
  3. i also have scar too, is severe , like icepick and boxscars, i spot needle it, the result is good, but you must aggressive needle them by cover the whole scar even outside scar for 1 or 2 mm, but the side effect is after the scab fall, the redness will last 2 month even more depends your healing capability and age. After one week since your scab is fall, your scar will plump like it grow skin little by little. and you must use good tropical to achive the result as good as possible. you can try
  4. I wish to buy terproline professional but my question: are they ship to Asia country? thank's for the answer
  5. delete, sorry double post
  6. can anyone give me a clue
  7. -------deleted, move to new topic--------
  8. can you recommend what length of needle is suit for needling. I open this weston site, they had various length needle : 0.3 mm, 5 mm, 8mm, 10 mm. Which type i have to pick ?? appreciate for your answer
  9. maybe this question look lol, but when u needle u said u used 30 gauge diabetic lancets, are u used "30 gauge diabetic lancets + insulin pen " like e.g Autopen Insulin Injection Pen, Novopen, etc ?
  10. after you needle with pen lanchet needle then you just dermarolling with the same day ?It means can be say you needle twice (self needle & dermaroller) with the same day. Am i right?