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  1. No.. I could grow a beard if I wanted to, but school and work prevents me from doing so. I have o shave alost every other day... and If my skin isn't 24/7 Sweaty.. it's 24/7 Oily!
  2. Oh, It's not that strange.. I've gone through the same thing.. If it's not me picking at the acne - It's me picking at my body weight -_-
  3. Hm, I jsut purchased the soufle AHA thing from drugstore.. I hope I notice some results..
  4. I really would love to get into a sauna, sadly I don't know any place around my area hehe >.<
  5. Hey. I've done this too and not just on my face.. but my chest.. I feel all nasty and I don't feel like even trying any other clothes on.. GAHHH
  6. I do this too!! It's so satisfying to put the world aways for a while, when you don't feel like being part of it. It's my anti-drug. ^____^
  7. As soon as I get home from school, I have no friends. It's so depressing. I don't have anyone to hang out with......................... I'm not sure why.. What's wrong with me
  8. I got switched from tretinoin to Differin .03% because it was supposedly stronger. I'm wondering, will I get the benefits that I would have gotten from Retin-A .. since Differin is.. um.. artificially made?? Like will pores minimize while on differin?
  9. Yes, everything is wrong with me. AHHHHHHHHH! I can't stand it.
  10. I was feeling so bad too.. Fine you're just mean! You should of stood up for her. You're just as bad as if you were talking about her.
  11. I went to open the door for some girl, and she looking at me, telling her friend she liked my eyes.. hehe.. ^_________^ It made me feel good that day =P Oh and my friends, they tell me "You're weird, but in a good way" - I don't understand, but it makes me feel special.. LOL
  12. o THAT'S s cute.. wasn't expecting that
  13. Well, if it is.. then karma better pay be back in my next life for all those nice things that I've done for people!!!!! ._.
  14. Ok, Thank You everyone for making me feel better. I guess I may have exaggerated a bit.