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  1. So I've had one cycle of Accutane, and my skin improved tremendously. After I was finished I would get 2 or 3 pimples a week. I'm currently on the regimen, have been for a bout a month and a half. I still get the occasional pimple every week or so. I've heard good things from people who have stopped using topicals in general, as the skin is left to heal itself. I'm thinking I might give this a try, here's what I plan to do: Cleanse in the morning with Cetaphil Wash face at night Use Neutroge
  2. I started on the Regimen about a week ago, and I;'ve had good results so far. Only problem is I'm getting ALOT of dry flaky skin on my face. I'm using the recommended amount of moisturiser, and when I apply it I cant see any dead skin but I come back to the mirror 30 minutes later and my face is covered in flaky skin, and my skin is red too. Is this just my skin getting used to the BP or what ?
  3. It's really hard to say, because I get different kinds and some things work better than others. If I think it's going to come to a head I use ACV topically and Neutrogena on the spot, maybe some BP at night. If I think its not I use on the spot and LEAVE IT. My experience is that the more you put on these the bigger they're gonna get
  4. I get this too, the thing that helps me is simply changing the pillow slip after every 2 days (one night on each side of the pillow). Also don't over medicate it, treat it as you would the left side. Using too much can be just as bad as using none.
  5. ^ I disagree with that post. I lift weights for competitive sports so I have something to relate to with this. When I was on Accutane I didn't take anything until my joints actually started hurting, and then a simple anti-inflammatory did it for me. But there are bad days and good days and maybe a more flexible lifting schedule would help, eg on one of the bad days maybe you could work more on definition than muscle gain. Also the sort of thing that helps while on Accutane is just using a sim
  6. Yeah I went on Retin-A before Accutane, it didn't do much for me. But everyone has different skin types and you can't really tell until you've been on it for a while
  7. I've got this blind pimple on my cheek that is a big sort of purple blotchy spot. I've got a gig tomorrow night and I want to know if theres ANYTHING I can do to reduce it, help drain it, or reduce it's appearance. Any Ideas !?
  8. Look on this website, there's an article by a psychologist that might help. Apart from that, theres always the rubber band on the wrist thing, every time you catch yourself doing it or thinking of doing it you ping yourself ! So hopefully the pain is a good incentive to stop Just google "Breaking habits" and tons of things are bound to come up which you can use, but most of all you just gotta stick to it ! It's gonna take a lot of willpower. Good Luck !
  9. Yeah I know it won't bother her, it's more that it bothers me. I feel like I cant look her in the eye or be close to her cause it'll be so obvious, I really hate it. Thanks for all the help though, i hope It'll be better soon. Is there anything else I can do for it ?
  10. So far Just aloe vera and a nights sleep, and nothings changed. Its just that she's never seen me with a big scab like this before and I really want it gone What else can I do ? I've got 2 more nights to sleep and heal it before i see her
  11. So should I leave it dry ? Or put aloe vera on it or what ? I've only got a day and a half =/
  12. Yeah I have some Aloe Vera 100% that I'm putting on. Where can I get apple cider vinegar from ? And also I have some..Pimafucort topical stuff that has helped heal before so I'm putting that on. I know it heals and I know the aloe vera heals too so should I be putting those on lots or leaving it or what ? Thanks for the replies by the way
  13. So I had this pimple on my face and it was bugging me really bad, so using the needle and a bit of pressure I popped it. Now I have this red mark about half a dime size in a circle, but it seems quite deep and im missing a bit of skin. I'm seeing my girlfriend in 3 days for the first time in weeks and if I had this still on my face it would absolutely kill my confidence. Please tell me , what can I do to get rid of/ heal this fast !!!