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  1. I'm curious to see what demographics make up the scar forum. That is, who among us is most concerned about acne scarring. I was told that gay people and younger people (below the age of 30) tend to be most concerned with their personal acne scarring. A doctor confirmed this when I questioned her on it. I'm a 23 year old gay male. Are you gay? Straight? What is your age or age group?
  2. Hey Poe, I think that the "uneven talk" was in reference to the skin's texture.... but you do bring up the point /risk of uneven tone/color also. Very valid. Poe or others that have had dermabrasion... any uneven skin texture that you can tell?
  3. I thought Ours Fan did subscison, not TCA? Am I mistaken?
  4. OURS FAN: Do you think annak would be better off to get punch floats and THEN have a dermabrasion? Or are you saying that in general Dermabrasion does little for ice picks regardless if one has punch floats or not. ???
  5. I feel like accutane has "weathered" me well beyond my years .... thats the only way I can put it. It's changed the texture and color of my skin. Perhaps is just aging, but I dunno. (I'm 25)
  6. Is punch float also called something else? If you've had this done, please share your experience.