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    The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do.
  1. Glad its going well, hopefully neither of us will be making a return to the world of accutane. Well done on getting the job, I just started a new job as well which has alot of studying! :)

  2. I am very glad to hear it's still going well for you. It is for me as well. Just a few here and there, nothing whatsoever like it was. Totally manageable. No studying for me! I graduated last August. I did just get a new job though, and that is a little like studying. :)

  3. I know! It doesn't seem that long ago, I still occasionally look at the photos in my blog just to remind myself of how far i've come. Yeah i'm still going strong, get a little break out here and there but I can't complain. How are things with you? Studying going well? :)

  4. Can you believe it's been nearly two years since our accutane adventure? Still going strong?

  5. keep going! I didn't start to clear up till I was in month 3/4 and my acne got alot worse before I saw any improvement. Things will get better good luck!
  6. I can't see any reason why you can't swim whilst on roaccutane, should be fine.
  7. I completely relate to how you feel about being 22 and having been through everything else to get rid of aacne. I was 22 and in exactly the same position when I took accutane, it was the best decison I ever made, I no longer even have to think about acne. I hope you get amazing results as well and don't let the scaremongers put you off. Good luck.
  8. hey your making good progress Its a long road to recovery but your get there. By the way if you really feel like your IB is getting bad then maybe ask your derm for prednisolone to take the sting out of it did wonders for me, just an idea. Anyway good luck.
  9. Im sorry to hear about the acne making a return especially after such a long period of time and aww bless you for fainting im sure you'lll get better with the blood tests. Im sure this course will be easy going considering you reacted well to it the first time but maybe someone else whos done a second course be more helpful. Good luck.
  10. great progress you can really see it on the pics Don't give upp accutane is a bumpy journey but you'll get there. Hope that cyst goes away sharpish.
  11. Blimey looking back at those before pics makes my jaw drop I actually forgot the severity of my acne, amazing how things can change. Anyway, 7 months post-tane and im still clear. The oil has returned but is hardly noticeable and I do get a one or two spots a month which are tiny and disappear within a day. I can say with complete certainty that taking accutane is the best decison i've ever made. I my skin now and my life has literally been turned around. Good luck to anyone starting their c
  12. Good luck, im sure accutane will work a treat for you. p.s. i'd probably leave the exfoliation for now, your skin will probably become alot more sensitive so be careful
  13. Good luck Anthony. It takes different amounts of time for people, just hang in there.