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  1. IDK but im highly anticipating it. Hope i dont get one too bad if i do. Only day 5 though
  2. unless any of the supplements have a ph level higher than normal you should be fine. only prohormones, artificial test boosters, and steroids have a pH level high enough that it should not be taken while on tane. Creatine may not be a good idea since it can do damage to the liver if combined with accutane. It could also increase the chance for diabetes if you take one of those creatine mixes with like 70mg of dextrose sugar (creatine needs dextrose for insulin to spike to deliver creatine) , b
  3. here in northeast arkansas the 20mg clavaris twice daily (30 days of 40mg) is $265 from the pharmacy but only $10 if you have insurance. idk much about clavaris but it seems to be one of the best generics seeing that alot of ppl use it and like it. just got mine today and started. good luck
  4. just joined the long anticipated ride with accutane a few minutes ago with my first 20mg pill of the day. dont know what should be expected but i will see soon. btw, is it best to take one in the morning and one at night? or is it to be taken both together??
  5. Im taking 20mg pills twice daily. just started few minutes ago and was wandering whats the best way to take the pills or if it even matters. Is it better to take one in the morning and one at night, or could you take them together at the same time?? Im taking 20mg twice daily for first month and then im taking 40mg twice daily for the remaining 4 months. It comes to 10800mg and i weight just at 82kg so i believe its just the right amount considering 120-150mg/kg is the recommended.
  6. getting bloodwork done monday and starting monday also. luckily a family friend is a dermatologist and so it was no trouble getting diagnosed for accutane but i have always been skeptical about it. First month i get the 20mg and then second month through 5 months ill be getting 40mg. This is not a very high dosage so hopefully the bad side effects will be non existent in my cycle of tane. Been looking at other's before/after pics and it looks promising. Searching for accutane reviews was proba
  7. This new mixed solution has worked amazingly just over the past week and a half. I have tried applying just acv with water and it worked but i hated the smell and it gave my face a red tint. This new solution i found on this forum has worked twice as well in half the time. The solution has four simple ingredients: ACV, 100% green tea, good quality tea tree oil, and crushed aspirin pills( purest form of salysitic acid). Each ingredient works on your skin in its own way. The acv is antibacterial a
  8. My skin has stayed clear for the most part the past few weeks but it always seems that the products i use only are effective for a few weeks then i have to find something new. So im going to stay with the 10% bp oxy wash and use an acv/tea tree oil mixed solution instead of bp cream and see how it goes. Has anyone else ever tried this?? would like to know before hand if it would work or be catastrophic
  9. Im pretty sure i inherited acne from my dads genes and the process has been about the same as his when he had it. his went away just a little while after he turned 18 and the doctor tells me that mine should go away about the same time his did. i turned 18 in may and my acne is almost completely gone but i cant tell for sure if it is gone for good. sometimes my skin clears up then the next week BOOM its all back again. Has anyone else had acne go away about the same time as one of their parents?
  10. i was just stumbling around and found this website that had all these natural based cleansers, peels, lotions, spot treatments, and others stuff. http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com/bodyshop/br...ryId=cat3870003 i was particularly interested in the tea tree oil products. thinking about getting a few things from there such as the tea tree oil facial cleanser, aloe protective serum, maybe a mask and some kind of toner. stuff looks pretty legit to me, has anyone tried any of this?
  11. well i might just up the mixture to 3 parts acv to 1 parts water. i have actually been using acv topically for about a month. it worked great at first but i guess my skin got used to the low amount of it. i may just try using more acv and less water, eventually getting to where i use pure acv. im also still on the cows milk diet, so ill see how it goes from here.
  12. ive heard from someone that they apply acv to the face around 5 times in a row, each right after the previous application drys. i guess this completely saturates your skin and gets better penetration deep into the poors. i tried it today, i would put it on and wait for it to dry. when it drys i put on some more. i did this until my face stopped drying out from it. i guess my skin was so saturated and hydrated with acv that it couldnt dry out anymore. i have been less oily throughout the day and
  13. the best i have ever used is the face wash that comes with skin perfection md. but the rest of the kit was crap. cetaphil is my other favorite, and its very easy and cheap to get. you can find it at walmart
  14. 1) Do you suffer from acne?Yes 2) What grade of acne do you suffer from? Grade I Acne - Minor breakouts, mostly blackheads and a few blemishes. Grade II Acne - Many blackheads, and some blemishes. Grade III Acne - Red and inflamed, many blemishes. Grade IV Acne - Cystic acne and inflammation. - If you need help determining your grade of acne, try google! :] 3) Do you feel like acne effects how introverted/extroverted (shy/outgoing) you are? Most definately 4) Does acne affect the likelihood o
  15. its been so hard to stay away from most dairy, as it is usually the biggest part of my diet. but im sticking with it and so far i have better skin than i have had in a while. i have been using the skin perfection md and decided that only the cleanser and hyrdating lotion are useful. the rest is junk. i think my skin has a negative reaction using SA, but deals well with BP and glycolic acid
  16. wow! it is a scam. i have seen that exact same website and every word the same except where it said Therapeutix it said skin perfection md, both from the same doctor Stephen jepson. what really got me was the pictures of the women were the same too. i just recieved my so called "free trial" of skin perfection md and was charged 70 bucks for it. im deciding, since i already payed for it, to at least try it and see what it does... after all i dont want to waste 70 bucks for nothing. but for all yo
  17. the quickest and most effective method i have ever used to clear my skin and very fast was when i was tanning. people say its the uv rays that dry it up but i think its something else in the light. it also puts off red and blue ultraviolet rays that help with scarring and existing bacteria down deep inside the poors. so i think the rays were killing the bacteria from the source and helping with scarring. not to mention my skin was darker so red marks were less visible. i want to go back to tann
  18. i drink the heinz, only one available around here, at room temperature using 2 to 3 teaspoons in just water and i dont mind it at all. guess you could say its an "acquired taste". after awhile you just get used to it. also, within the first few days i saw huge improvement in skin tone using it topically. the bad thing is, when i am inside my house the lights make my skin look ok but the second step outside and get in my car and look in the mirror, im completely disgusted with the red marks and a
  19. well i cut out just mostly milk itself, i have been eating dairy and i ate a pizza the other day with alot of cheese and i think i had a mild breakout from that. idk though.. the acv pills actually seem to not work as well as mixing the liquid in water. i think its because the liquid gives a more immediate effect and gets in my system more efficiently. also i have been stressed due to finals being this week. wow so many things that are just waiting to flare me back up...
  20. i have been using acv now for about 3 weeks and im almost completely clear. i ordered the pill form and i use them for when its not convenient to carry around a big jar of acv. also, try not drinking cows milk for a week or two and see what it does for you
  21. umm this might be better to move to the Nutrition & holistic health section, srry didnt see it before
  22. I always wandered if the dairy diet would actually help clear my face. Well i havent drank milk in over a week and a half, and over that period i am almost 100% clear. I was one of those people who tried all the products to no avail. i have also been using apple cider vineger orally and topically and it has done wonders with reducing redness and evening my tone out. i just ordered the pill form because i hated the taste. I think the milk was overproducing hormones in my body and causing me to pr
  23. well i have been diluting 2 teaspoons of ACV in about 8 ounces of water and gulping it down. i have the heinz but people say to get the organic stuff such as braggs. i have ordered the pills and they should be in soon, ill see how they work
  24. Just wandering if the exposed acne treatment regimen works or not. the ingredients( if truthfully listed in the description) look like the stuff everyone uses for their own remedies like green tea, licorice root, aloe vera, tea tree oil, and more. Thinking about buying but want your opinion first.
  25. Just wandering if the ACV pills are as effective as drinking the real thing. i ordered some yesterday and they say that one pill is equivelant of 2 teaspoons in water. so maybe 3 a day would be the best. im getting the pills because im so busy and they are easier to take with you if you go somewhere like overnight. http://www.physicianformulas.com/store/scr...p?idproduct=266