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  1. i know that fasting for a day or maybe a few days might be beneficial, but i daresay regularly fasting for over a week has to put some stress on the body's vital functions, non? socially, it must be awkward?! psychologically tough, creating negative associations with food in general?
  2. I got the unsweetened stuff. It tasted like water diluted with almonds, with a slightly soapy aftertaste. It didn't have the gloriously creamy texture or rich taste of proper milk which seems to be nigh on inimitable.
  3. That's really horrible logic. Why don't you eat plenty of trans fats (the worst type of fat, bar none?) Why not include them in YOUR personal diet everyday? Have you been diagnosed with an intolerance for trans fats? Why don't you drink battery acid? I doubt you're allergic to it. There's things on this planet that are bad for EVERYONE, because we evolved as a species, not as an individual. You're assuming that being intolerant to something is different from something being unhealthy, and in man
  4. a 15kb photo from a distance is hardly proof of the results of this treatment, especially without a 'before' picture against which to compare. thanks for the tip though.
  5. Prove it. Prove that no-one that has ever existed in a tribe has had acne or had disease. You'd have to personally examine all the remains of these tribes people for the past 100,000 years or more which would be obviously impossible given most have probably decayed unto dust and you simply would not have the time or facilities to do so. Your argument is weak and fallacious; your message may be helpful but you ultimately cannot prove your statements here.
  6. How do you know people didn't have acne before agriculture? Were you there?
  7. That's just a weak argument right there. Many scientific studies have shown that acne is aggravated by certain foods, just see alternavista's cliff notes thread. "If it was that simple we would all be acne free by diet change alone and that is not happening for everybody" That is poor, poor logic. Not everybody who tries to clear their acne using diet eats the same food in the process so how could you possibly draw such a conclusion?!! Some people don't even do the right things in trying to
  8. [citation needed] ...could also apply to most of your boring ranty post, too. Could you then post a citation that shows that people do in fact break out from foods that they are not seriously allergic/sensitive/intolerant to? I've seen people here using studies to "back up" their claims, but many times they will use a study that does not really work for people in our society. Or they will make sure that the results are interpreted in a way to back up their claim. And if you find my p
  9. [citation needed] ...could also apply to most of your boring ranty post, too.
  10. Wow, what a positive thread this is!
  11. I try to eat a generally good diet with a good portion of vegetables with every meal. I avoid food which triggers my ibs (so far I have found gluten to be a major culprit). I drink plenty of water each day. I try to sleep reasonable hours. I use a tea tree oil soap once, at night, and it seems to be helping! Having said this, I don't stick to any 100% strict diet and will occasionally stray.
  12. thanks for the opinion... and the sarcastic put-down. :snooty: