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  1. everytime i come back to read the accutane forums, i get depressed as shit reading these threads. i took accutane for whatever months, got sick to death, but now im pretty much back to normal with clear skin. only side effect that i still have might be slight hair-loss, but thats it. @OP, stop coming back to this website cause youre just making yourself worse and go to church and feel better youre the only one to blame if you continue blaming accutane on feeling "unpure", in the end its up to
  2. 90% acne cleared in 1st month, completely cleared in 2&3 months, with maybe 1-2 pimples if unlucky. currently on month 5 to improve scars and meet mg requirement.
  3. if your side-effects aren't bad, i'd do another month
  4. my best advice is to stay on it, get better rest, eat healthy, drinks lots of water, and exercise. if your case continues to worsen for a long period, then go off accutane. gl
  5. hello everyone i started posting here a little while ago, when i first started accutane. i was diagnosed with severe acne when i went to my derm, when he was prescribing me on accutane. first month: 10 days of 20mg, 20 days of 40mg. (side effects: dry eyes, minor dry lips, minor lower-back pain, itchy scalp) result: acne was 75% clearer second month: 30 days of 30mg (dosage went down due to lower-back pain). (side effects: dry eyes, really dry lips) result: acne was gone, all i'm left with curr
  6. "ChapStick" Medicated Best by far compared to carmex/chap block.
  7. If you really want to get rid of your acne, go on accutane. People talk about all these side-effects, but i've only got minor back pain and chapped lips. Better than acne though I've cleared 75% of my acne from the first month alone. GL!
  8. whoa you don't break out from all that dairy?
  9. Hi everyone! So recently i just finished my first month of accutane. The first 10 days i was on 20mg, then for the next 20 days i was on 40mgs (2pills of 20mg per day). Yesterday i went to the derm to prescribe my next dosage and to check up on how my acne was doing. Results were that i was 75% clearer of acne than from the first time i went in to get on the drug. From 24+ pimples down to 4 and my chest/back acne has totally been wiped out and is now clear. My scarring has also gotten better and
  10. crazy inspiration thread, bumped for people to read!!