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  1. As far as I'm concerned, the topical application of tea tree oil is what everybody recommends... it can be very effective. These preparations are usually made with a 5% of oil concentration, because pure tea tree oil happens to produce some undesired reactions. I apply with a Q-tip - quite easy to do. Kathleen Leroi ____________ Healthcare Advisor
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  3. Any questions at all, or u just want to chat. I'm here. Stop by and take care!

    1. A motivational song for acne, maybe? Loved it, thanks for the share! Kathleen Leroi
    2. Obviously washing your face in the morning is-a-must. However, try using lukewarm waters instead of your cleasner. This won't harm you, and by doing this you'll be able to tell if your cleanser is the origin of your problem! Let me know how it goes... Kathleen Leroi ____________ Healthcare Advisor
    3. Jacky, the content of a pimple if not washed properly can produce pimples itself. You must cleanse it correctly, and, oh yeah, don't pop your pimples. The content must be washed off and cleansed immediately, otherwise, it will act as an irritant and produce dirt. Dirt and irritation CAN bring complications. Bottom line, don't pop your pimples. If so, you'll not only experience from swelling but acne scars. Which are much worse! Take care and let me know how you're doing... Kathleen Leroi _____
    4. I think you're going too fast, Intoskin! 4 products in less than a year, being two of them (proactive and BP) potentially harsh for your skin, can cause more harm than good. As I said in another post, if all 4 products have been unable to address the cause of your problem, is time to visit a good dermatologist to found what's really happening with your skin, and look for an alternative or combination treatment. Kathleen LeRoi
    5. Hi, Memoz! Yes, a bad sleeping habit is one of the various acne causes. That's not so weird: if you don't sleep, you'll be stressed and tired. Being stressed is a well known cause of acne, because stress promotes certain acne-causing hormones; and if you are tired, your body won't react properly to infections and acne-related factors. The usual recommendation is to have 7-8 hours of good sleep, and I'm talking about continuous hours and not a nap dosage; napping won't give your body the chance t