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  1. Update- Well its been about 2 1/2 weeks since starting and I am really seeing some great improvements, I am seeing less and less active pimples each day. My skin does feel a little tender and burns a little after applying the medications, but after applying some moisturizer, that seems to go away. I also wanted to note that i am trying to refrain from skin picking these past 2 1/2 weeks as that has become a habit of mine. Not only picking but also just touching my face in general or resting
  2. well its been about a week and a half or so and my skin is looking better. I can tell that it is starting to work, i have alot less active pimples than i did before. Also i noticed that some of my blackheads were starting to go away.
  3. day 5: so far have seen some very slight improvements, alot of redness and dry skin in the first 2 days, but it seems to be getting less and less red now each day. Today was the first day where i really noticed a few new breakouts since starting.
  4. I suffer from moderate acne, mostly due to football from all the rubbing with the helmet on my face, but I'm starting my new regimen today... AM: plexion cleansing cloths duac topical gel PM: plexion cleansing cloths retin a micro I also use Liquid Neutrogena face wash before and neutrogena oil free moisturizer applying the products....Hoping to see some results Let me know what you think