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  1. aww i'm sorry girl! i was the same way with my ex.. it's okay it just takes time ya know? lol with me i spent so much time with bad skin that when my skin got good i wasn't used to it.. i was still used to avoiding mirrors & bad light, people & etc. but you'll get used to it.. one year clear & i'm rockin it.. the only thing i wont allow is people touching my face (GROSS!) they get a kick in the balls! lol but it's okay just keep telling yourself how wonderful your skin is .. clear cl
  2. awww no no no no no! don't do this to yourself.. when i gained weight in college i was the same way.. but i realized i wasted 3 months of my life.. go out, make friends, talk to people! who cares what you look like!!! go out to a party and drink a LITTLE & loosen up.. or join a club or something.. people in college arnt that bad.. theres friends out there for everyone!!! good luck.. keep your head up & START TALKING (even if it doesn't sound right).. i sware once you start you wont be ab
  3. lol im the same way.. i never go a day without make up.. but i do always wash it off.. & yes i'm also tired & too lazy @ night.. that's why i use POND'S Wet Cleansing Towelettes original clean (the blue pack) i keep em right next to my bed no water needed! & they actually have improved my face because my face is too sensitive to wash 2 times a day, they clear up any breakouts, prevent breakouts, & takes off make up at the same time.. amazing isn't it!! Get yourself some.. they'll
  4. Aw thank you this made my night.. i know i'd not go.. there just 3 pimples! but i got them to go down!! :) ice & neosporin!! can't wait for the make up! :) haha.. THANK YOU AGAIN!! :)
  5. OMG i have a date in 5 hours & my clear face yesterday now has three huge pimples.. i poped them this morning because they looked REALLY BAD. i put proative mask on them but they keep forming white heads.. i know i should leave them alone but this is so embarrassing! my face was clear yesterday i just iced them down & put neosporin on them.. HELP ME PLEASE! any other sugestions?!
  6. organic coconut oil (the kind you cook with..put it on your skin before you go to bed at night, but make sure its organic..whole foods has it im sure) its cheap & it makes skin perfect.. your skin doesn't look bad at all though!
  7. WOAH WOAH WOAH. i know i've wrote like 1000 replies.. but this one is soo nessary.. first of all twilight is on a totally different level.. there not real men.. there vampires & wolfs.. no comparison & it's like a fantasy world anyways. & yes i love twilight.. i actually just saw it & now im hooked for life.. i tried to not watch it.. i didn't wanna be one of those but i've already crossed over & its to late for me. SORRY GUYS girls will always love twilight & they prob.
  8. hmm... GUYS do that too! lol when the guy im with is talking about a girl in a movie.. like 'OMG SHES SOO HOTT' or whatever.. i just say 'yeahh she is.' lol & they stop.. & if they don't i throw in a 'yeah i'd hitt it.' lol that gets em!! just a joke though.. but hmm yeah a guy can't really say that about another guy i guess.... sorry that didn't help lol!
  9. sometimess.. but if anything i get ideas from her (Megan Fox).. how to do my hair etc. i LOVE jessica simpson.. but really it just makes me feel better seeing her on t.v. & stuff.. because she's so real & shes not afarid of no make up or having an actual boobs or butt! lets face it those girls are hott! but we are too! don't let it bring you down their celebs
  10. it's taught me to be confident no matter what my skin looks like..
  11. of course they would! girls will date anyone with confidence & that who is a gentleman.. SERIOUSLY! just act like its not even there.. you really don't have like anything anyways! get out there n get some ladies!
  12. Coconut oil has changed my life.. my skin is clear, but WOW this totally changed my skin.. the texture, the pore size, the way make up & lotion goes on.. EVERYTHING! TRY IT YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED! i wish i knew about this my whole life!! I've only been using it for about a week & i'v noticed the difference & everyone around me keeps asking me what i use! It's really cheap & works great! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!!
  13. Get your hormone levels tested! it made all my problems go away.. including acne! but don't just get a blood test.. get a saliva test, there very accurate!! good luck!