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  1. Hey all, I recently went thru an Accutane cycle and my skin has inproved much. However, everytime I shave (regular blade, gilette Mach 3) I get really really irritated especially SO MUCH on the upper lip. I was wondering what kinds of shavers did guys use during Accutane and if you guys recommend electric shavers and if so which ones? Any tips to help reduce irritation? I notce that if I don't shave for like 5-7 days my acne improves a LOT but when it gets absolutely necessary to shave it
  2. Hello all, I've been on Accutane for about 3 months now, and I have seen very little improvement. However, my face was recently getting better, but the left side right next to me ear and all the way down to my chin was itching one day like HELL. So, not thinking, I itched. I itched a lot. Possibly with dirty fingers. Now there is a HUUUUUGE like red cluster of like cystic crap all right there and I'm going nuts. It doesnt look like regular acne, but more like some disease. the skin underneath
  3. Hi, I just upped my accutance dose to 60 a day, and i've broke out in rahses on my forearm and hands, and over the past two weeks it is beocme redder, itchier, drier, and spreading all up my arm, fingers and shoulders and back. I try Cortaid cream all ver but nothing's working! Is this common on Accutane?
  4. Thanks for the info Actually, I think I see already some good coming from the Aqua Gly. But I am not exactly sure what to look for scar-wise. I cant distinguish between scars and just general post-acne red makrs. aren't scars not-colored and usually only become visible after accutane? How can i tell if what i have is scarring? And does scarring always feel either bumpy or indented, or can they be smooth? Also, will the A.Glycolic help to brighten my skin back up? My skin seems to have some tone
  5. It seems very similar to this : http://jmhpr.tripod.com/accutanediary/id13.html but not as severe and mostly concentrated in the lower right Any analysis would be helpful Mike
  6. PS...i also have a wierd cluster of reddish/almost purple at times "things" in the lower right side of my face. They are not bumps and often after moisturizing they are really smooth, but they're not going anywhere really...how can i know if these are permanent scars? There seems to be some fluid still underneah some of them, but little and deep down.
  7. Thank Mercer -> That's good to hear, because so far zilch has happened Also, is Accutane just supposed to stop the whiteheads (new ones from forming) or is it also supposed to help the big giant red bumps also? It seems that i got a few new whiteheads a week ago and now they are pretty big red makrs, but those red makrs are big raised bumps also. Are the red bumps going to go away with accutane after about two months, or are those not goign to change? I really am not sure if they are scars i
  8. I've been on Accutane for about 6 weeks now and I have seen no changes whatsoever. I was on 40/day the first month and just started 60/day two weeks ago. Now that i think of it I've been taking the 60's day at the same time and often times about 15 minutes after a meal, but not right during the meal. Is it possible that the Accutane is not at all working because i take it too late after meals and/or because i have taken them together for two weeks? Thanks Mike
  9. Hi, I've been reading some posts about the aqua Glycolic 10% creams, cleansers, etc. and then just the other day my friend recommended it to me to use. I'm currently in my second month of accutane and i do have a LOT of red makrs/discoloration/dryness which he said that Aqua Glycolic really helps for. Any input? thanks Mike
  10. But will this scar deeply now? Or will skin just grow back? I did put some neospotin on it just like an animal scratch (which this is just like that) and also some moisturizer. No burning anymore but there are still discolored red streaks (i have really fair skin). Does accutane do anything on small colored (like reddish or purple) scars also at all? Also it seems as though the accutane is working from my forhead down, others have said this but this seems to be the case... Thanks again, and i
  11. Hey all, I'm 15 and i've been on accutane for 5 weeks now, and i just tried to tape peeling method about 15 minuts ago and i'm worried now because i did it several times because there were literally MILLIONs of visible white skin flakes on my skin. I did it on the left side and now it seems there is some sort of rash which is discolored and sort of burns, kind of like an animal scratched it hard with its nails, it sems like a layer of skin is completely gone there i really dunno what ha