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  1. ToriaGrace13

    Random Progress Pics

    Here and there pics during my 5 month accutane stint...hope this is helpful to those unsure about starting the drug!
  2. ToriaGrace13

    Harder to get "it" up???

    Haha, i thought I was the only one like "huh??" at that element of the post. Lmao, more power to the fellas tho!
  3. ToriaGrace13

    Starting Accutane Next Month...

    Well, Monday will be month 2 on 'tane for me. I really did not experience many side effects in that time- just dryyyy and sometimes raw-feeling lips, redness on face, and every once in a while a muscle ache. I didnt have hair loss, depression, or any crazy crazy breakouts. I think most ppl do, however, have the really bad breakouts the first month. Either way, it is just temporary, and will certainly be worth it in the long run! My one tip for you is CARMEX in the tube-form. Omg it has bee