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  1. you DON'T have to become a CNA first. It just a route some people choose. Becoming a CNA will definitely show you what the field is all about but it doesn't necessarily mean you have to go do that route. If time is not an issue then yeah you might want to go CNA route first. Imo going to school part-time will extend your goal by at least 2 years. Im 21 and I already feel old @ CC lol..... You may also want to start volunteering at a hospital to see what the environment is like. and yes there is
  2. are you sure it takes 5 years to get an LPN? getting a LPN is like vocational school dude. it shouldn't take that long - maybe 2 years max. u need $$ though for those schools. Why not find a ADN program like in a community college near where u live? it would be cheaper.
  3. don't want to bust your bubble but yeah you will meet a lot of girls (there will still be a decent amount of dudes in your pre-reqs though) - but most of the girls are either married or in a serious relationship. nothing wrong w/ being friends though. lol.
  4. doxycycline works well but u got to stay on the course even when your skin starts to break out. You are going to look worst for a little but then your skin will start clearing up. I went through a bunch of antibiotics like tetracycline and minocycline but doxycycline gave the best results (I was actually clear for like a year after until my shit became superrr worst and I had to go on accutane). good luck on your course. you will probably feel sick taking these meds though. i had to take them
  5. assuming u do well in anatomy, physiology, microbiology, chemistry, and o-chem. Yes u probably will make a great nurse. Nursing is a very saturated major right now and its extremely competitive. depending on where u live I say u got a good chance unless u happen to live in california lmao. I am applying for fall 2010 (hopefully I get it going the BSN route. good look to u..
  6. the 3 things I couldn't live w/o while on tane: CeraVe moisturizing lotion. ( so good I still use it lol even though my skin isn't dry) chapstick. eye drops.
  7. Hey bro great to hear things worked out for you. Looks like it's been a while haha but yeah...I still have some of the effects of accutane like dry lips and sometimes when I get a health scare I look to accutane as a cause but overall i am very happy with the results considering where i used to be...take care and enjoy!!

  8. thx jed and vuth901. i still got considerable scarring but that is the least of my worries. the fact that I can control my break outs (if i ever do get one - and when i do its really like 1 or 2 small ones) is really amazing and I am so blessed to be able to not worry about acne and all of that bs anymore. i will try to get some pics up someday but lol I am not much of a picture person.
  9. lol. haven't been on the forums forever. just wanted to let you know my accutane journey went really well. thanks for answering all those questions I used to have man.

  10. takes the withdrawals. its better than getting a D or F. I know plenty of people who have hella Ws and transfer to a 4-year school easily. the D or F is the worst thing to get b/c you can never removed them from your transcripts even if u do academic forgiveness, schools can still see that the first grade if you do repeat a course.
  11. hows the tetracycline working? I would def finish the antibotic round first before going on accutane. When you are on accutane the doc will recommend that you don't do heavy exercises b/c your bones are supposedly weakened when you take an excessive amount of vit. A. and I can tell you from experience that some day my bones ached like shit when i was on accutane. i would def. talk to your derm about the sports u play and how that would be affected by going on the accutane regime.
  12. Have u use CeraVe moisturizing cream? I have been using that for like a year and its really good. i rarely breakout now anyways but when i do its not b/c of the cerave.
  13. CeraVe is really good. probably the best moisturizer that doesn't make u look super shinny. Its pretty matte.
  14. lmao. I though this dude was talking about going down and asking if that can cause acne. i mean probably lol.