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  1. i know how you feel. I been there exactly in your shoes. i know its hard but ive learned to accept myself and love myself with my scars. i think its made me a stronger person. You should do your research before you try anything so you dont make it worse. I am looking for some treatment also not sure yet. Hugs my friend
  2. Drink water all day this is very important. lets say your eating break fest and your having eggs, sausage and juice make sure to drink water after within 1 hour, water helps your skin breath. every time you eat or drink something take a sip of water trust me it helps. Morning regimen 11am i get in shower let my hair and body get wet. i then put shampoo any kind on hair massage and rinse off with my head down avoiding shampoo on my face. i then pump, 1st time, one pump of acne.org cleanser on
  3. when you tint your vehicle windows so no one sees you. when you run to your vehicle after work when you wish it were okay to wear a mask when you avoid people at all cost when you buy everything online when your father says "i forgot you cant go outside Michael Jackson" when your 2006 Nissan 350z only has 10,000 miles
  4. Jay, i feel like you are talking about my life when you talk about your situation. The difference is that i have a job. i have had this job before i started breaking out with the worst acne ever. i felt like a monster and felt like quitting my job everyday. but i said to myself if i quit i will never be able to get a job so i manage to put up with my disfigured face. i now just have scars and people look at me weird and afraid but whatever. i too suffer from anxiety and it keeps you from doing
  5. i think winter but dont know because am cleared now in the winter i can see my scars clear and during the summer its hard to tell because i always have flare whiteheads, every summer.
  6. i started the regimen 3 days a go and i feel i must wash my face 3 times a day. i wash my face 3 times a day because i cant stand my oily face and i dont wear moistorize because it makes it worse even though some say it helps but in my case it doest.. i have tried it . it makes me look the worst?
  7. How about we start a walk for acne?
  8. i do my light therapy with blue and red LED light and At i first, when i saw my scars, i was like o my God. but i got use to it. i'm guessing that the flashlight light will really make me see the true scars and i dont want to do it, noway.
  9. i had been using aloe vera gel for a while and it help improve my redness but i also broke out so i stopped using it. it was clogging my pores b/c every single morning after doing my nightly regimen. i would wake up with small whiteheads that where trying to squeeze their way out.
  10. i use to like this girl who had acne scars, but she was two beautiful for me lol. its a fact. Men generally are attracted by a womens physical appearance and women are attracted by a mens personality for the most part. There is exceptions tough.
  11. i want to know how many hours in between to wash my face. my daily routine. i shower at 10:30am and do my regimen for the day and then shower again at 10:30 pm. Is this ok?. thanks.
  12. i visited this website http://www.vilantae.com/index.php and they state that their product Vilantine will reduce oily skin 100% all natural and 90 day money back guaranteed. which one is better the pill or powder form?.
  13. hey bro i have the same problem as you and i learned that all the products i was using was making my skin irritated. i started using all natural products. i too have oily skin worse than yours. i suggest that you leave all the hash irritating products and that you stop washing your face 2 much. 2 times a day is good enough and apply some type of moistorizer after. Am telling you from experience. your face wont be as red and your scaring is not bad but i know how you feel.
  14. thanks tj1o1 ill give it a try. I am washing my face with a moistorizer soap, using blue light therapy and after i put aloe vera gel on oh and am taking my Acneticin all natural supplements 2 times in the am and pm and my acne is becoming less and my scars redness is fading and its only been my 3rd day so far so good but the oil keeps on coming which gives me like 2 whiteheads a day. ill give that regimen a try after i read more about it. thank you once again.
  15. i can totally relate to you and i been on proactive, clear pores, and few other. They worked and got rid of my active acne but they left my face badly irritated that would take a week to clear and by then i was already working on my other breakouts. i been using blue light and taking some pills and that seems to help a little but i still breakout with these annoying white heads and others that come out looking like a piece of rice.