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  1. I've been taking bactrim for a week now, no progress ... yet !!
  2. The pharmacy in Walmart charges me $150 for Duac ... Adam, where do u get such a great price man ?
  3. Cool, thanks for the reply, i also hate redness and dryness after applying BP. So that's a good thing to hear. Anyone knows how much would it run me to get bactrim and duac gel (i dont have insurance) !!
  4. How much would Bactrim and Duac run on me (i dont have insurance) ?? anyone help ?
  5. My derm just prescribed me Bactrum antibiotic and Duac topical gel... anyone has any experience with these ?? Are they any good ??
  6. Some girls just don't care about your acne man. I do too have acne and my current gf didn't mind when we first met. I feel really comfortable when I am with her and so is she.
  7. I am Asian too, 5'6, 32" waist and 147kg. Seriously, everything I eat, I gain!
  8. I'm 110 lbs. And I know that's VERY VERY light for a guy. But I really cant help it. I eat more than the average kid my age (seriously). And I know it's very hard to believe that and people think that I am anorexic or something until I sit down with them for dinner buffet. I guess it's just high metabolism.
  9. I know man, my gf keeps touching my face and kiss my cheeks, i have horrible acne on my cheeks. I guess she doesn't give a shit, but still i feel like shit everytime !!
  10. I'm going out with this girl too, 2 days hahaha but for whatever reason she liked me first. And trust me i'm breaking out bad, redmarks + active pimples ... i don't know why she likes me though, but i guess Siouxcat is right
  11. hahaha, a lil too much color there eh ! How was the date ?
  12. I get jealous when i see guys with perfect skin too. So it's totally normal.
  13. I like it when girls wear clothes from Armani Exchange, they have some cute stuff there for ya !!
  14. No. I couldn't There are a lot of things standing in my way that prevent me from living my life to the fullest. If I could get rid of all those things standing in my way I would love to live my life to the fullest. But before I can live my life to the fullest I have to get rid of these obstacles. Not "overcome" these obstacles, GET RID OF THEM.
  15. 6 years now, and I still have acne !
  16. Good for you man !! I've seen many girls with acne whom i still find very attractive and wouldn't mind getting together with them at all !!
  17. I think it's rude to not keep eye contact when speaking to a person !! and if ur talking to a girl, she would think you're not interested in talking with her.
  18. I don't know what went wrong between you 2 but if he dumped you because u have acne, he's not worth it ! Don't cry over someone like that, and by telling you over email is just stupid !