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  1. Do what you can, make sure you moisturize twice a day regardless.
  2. Around the third month or so, you will see more visible results. Continue eating fresh organic fruits to help out your regimen. Also try and limit coffee.
  3. Holy moly indeed. Nice change there buddy. 3 months was how long it took me to get 95% clear as well. Keep up to good work. Try for 100% :]
  4. i see them selling at Kaiser Permanente, Wal-Mart, Target, and Costco apparently.
  5. I see your problem there wade91. There isn't much of solution to it, because if you think about it. if you decided to put it on the tanned skin areas it would turn white, thus making yourself look like your wearing a mask when you take off your shirt (no offence) The safest way to go is tell your dermatologist that it's changing your skin color and it's his fault. He might say that it would be yours since you didn't stop using it when you first saw it happening. You need professional help on
  6. AHA does not cause blackheads. It actually helps along with wrinkles as well. It stops your skin from aging so much, but as they say it, less wrinkles now, more wrinkles tomorrow. Eventually you get old, it'll hit you then. If you want to get rid of those blackheads, i suggest you go for Beta Hydoxy Acid. it is known to get rid of blackheads and blemishes. I recommend the 2% liquid since the Gel takes forever to absorb.(and i mean it! takes like 20 mins!+) Anyhow, BHA differs from AHA becaus
  7. Yes, once you grow out of your acne phase and won't need to buy these products anymore. Eventually life will get better, unless your really old and have adult acne. Then that just sucks. I agree with you on the not kissable part, :[, same with me sometimes.
  8. Oh sorry, i was on my Wii when i was typing this up haha. I ment add on Dan's Beta Salicylic Acid product. Somehow Cetaphil is starting to make my face oily once i got back from vacation. I put it on, then dab some oil blotting sheets 10 mins after to check oils on my face, it's oily everywhere, back then i didn't use to have this problem. So yeah, i guess i'll continue with bp if i can find a good moisturizer that doesn't leave all this oily stuff in a matter of minutes. Olay started to fail
  9. The Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser was the product i recommended Susan a few months back, she loved it since. it's good for people who has sensitive skin and doesn't want to dry out their skin in the tiniest bit. It actually makes your skin more moisturized because it contains lotion. Good luck picking.
  10. Bleh, Edit. Need a good recommended non itchy Moisturizer in the morning(not Olay please) Also, a skin lightener (Lighten skin color as it balances out the colors of the skin) Thanks, will try strongly recommended products.
  11. Yeah, probably gets your skin irritated. I use mine and it works perfectly, suppresses acne that are growing out by making them yellowy, shrinking them and soon just fly's off.
  12. You said you didn't want to sound like an ass, but you are doing a pretty good job at that. Anyways, if you made your overnight order too late it may take longer.
  13. Yeah, i'll be doing AHA one night, and BHA the other to reduce flake. I just needed BHA from Paula's due to my skin being Normal sometimes and burst into Oily skin. Being safe comes first, so i doubt i want to test a product for $17 even though it has a 1/2 timed release.
  14. Mhm, yeah i heard it's a little more drying, but it has a lot more benefits than AHA since it actually syncs deep into pores and fight those oils. I'll just have to see how it goes.
  15. haha, yeah i hope so. Many people got the Liquid type, i on the other hand, gotten the Gel based. It shouldn't waste as much as liquid since it doesn't go all over the place. Let's hope it has the same outcome.