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  1. Still getting occasional acne. Nothing horrible. Face covered in red marks and pits. Still no self-confidence :/ Post-accutane life? Just like pre-accutane. But that's just how the world works.
  2. done w/ accutane. skin still gets some acne. better than b4. plus my skins a mess or red marks. but that's dealable. still tired, though i've been off it for a month. bad diet too. anyway, was it worth it? yeah. about 2 mths to 4mths was bad, especially for the nose. 4-6 my lips were wrecked. especially the sides. even after i got the anti fungus. Right now lips are back. and ... skin is kind of greasy again. which i guess is normal. got my first post accutane cyst. hope that doesn't con
  3. Wow. Lot of months on accutane. 5?6? Unsure. Basically, I haven't been getting enough. My insurane only covers eighty. While docs say I needed at leasgt 100, prob 120. Most of my acne is gone. Not all, but most. I can still feel infections under my skin. But most is gone. Still, my face is scarred, potmarked, red splotchy mess. Still, being able to feel the bones under my skin instead of acne is a plus. I can touch my face without pain. Nice. Still. Meh. Side effects? Definitely concentrat
  4. Lol. been 4 mths on the nov-dec, dec-jan, jan-feb, feb-march What can I say about accutane? Not worth it? Biggest side effect for me has been a difficulty concentrating. Like, before accutane I surfed the internet like a twice a class at school. Now class is what I do between surfing sites. Always tired. No matter how much I sleep. Actual, "oh shit blood is coming out of my nose" nose bleeds Eh. who can tell for sure. I've got hope. And the tired and concentration might be the place
  5. It's really weird. The better something gets, it doesn't really get better, because you start measuring your better against better betters.
  6. Man, just checking in b/c I havn't posted in this journal for so long. Wish it was b/c my skin was perfect. But I might as well keep chronicling. My skin is better than it was 3+ mths ago. That's good. But it's still awful, horrible skin. I hope I can get my 4-5th mth of accutane. But I'm having tons of insurance probs. Hate this shit. When I went in a couple of weeks ago for my 3rd-4th mth the nurse asked me if I needed a note 4 school. Hopefully in a couple of mths people won't keep thinki
  7. It's on the inside of my nose. It's painful, and doesn't feel like acne. More like a sore. I've had dry blood in my nose all while on accutane. I'm going to derm in about a week, and I'll ask him then, but I'm wondering if any of you have had this or know what it is. Been on accutane for 2 mths (but skin not better!)
  8. 'nudda day, 'nudda couple of pills. Skin still getting worse. I always said 2 mth mark was my "let's see if this things working point." Frankly I'd quit if I hadn't invested so much hope in clear skin. And before my next derm appt would work, b/c I'm going to run out of pills before my appt. Maybe I'll start halving dosage... I hear after 2 mths is another bench mark point. We'll see :/
  9. Christ, every day my skin feels different. Now I think it's worse than ever. Face is a mess of whiteheads, eruptions, and cysts all intermingling. Nightmare. This is my vacation. It should be relaxing. It is currently depressing. I have hell to go thru in about a week once school gets back. And I can't even enjoy this. Goddamn.
  10. Another day. Trying to do better. Making sure to eat a bit before and bit after I take my pills. I take them w/ milk sometimes, b/c I heard it could be good. Try to stand up for a bit after I take them too. Skins feels different. Almost like my acne catacombs are leaving (acne catacombs... the thought gives me chills; interrelated infections feeding into and off of each other to torture me) on a macro level; but I still have them localized. Skin still looks worse than I started tho, so I th
  11. Not sure what to say. Skin WORSE since I got home. I want to look back on this journal and go LOL can't believe my skin was bad. But that's still not happening. Guess I'm still goddamn impatient. Sad thing is is my skin feels close to getting better. Can't verbalize it. But it's different. And I think it'll start looking better, but then huge pimples pop up. The painful ones. They start as huge red bumps (think like 4 of those smilely emoticons ( ) put together), and they have no feeling, then
  12. So, about week 5. Finals are done! I guess that means my skin will have a couple of weeks to get better before school. Really not a lot of time. I always planned this as the "really get better time." I'd come back to school, ripped after running and lifting all Xmas break, w/ skin almost clear. Twas to be gloriuuuuusss. Not going to happen. Suppose I can't really be surprised. From what I've read, really dramatic improvements don't occur for two mths. But I hoped. I think my skin will be
  13. I love your log! You inspire me. We have (errr... I have and you USED! to have) similar acne. Mines a bit worse on the cheeks, yours was somewhat worse on the chin. Now your a handsome devil! Seriously, I bet now that acne has gone, you're already trying to find new things about yourself to hate. I'm the same way. Even tho my acne is terrible, now that it's a bit better, I already hate my glasses... which means I'm contacts too! And I'm worried about gaining weight b/c I eat a ton and used
  14. MONTH UPDATE Skin awful. Doc agreed. Now I'm taking 2 40mgs a day. Which I still think is low for me, as I'm 6-1 or 2 and like 230. Meh. For all you new kids starting accutane I guess this is for you. If you had skin as bad as mine (tons of deep cysts, whiteheads all over chin and near nose, and so many pimples you laugh when you read people who count them) at the 1 month point you won't be happy. I'm definitely not. Bad side effects (worse skin, aches when working out [squatting can be
  15. Week 4. Going to get a reup tommorw. Kind've sad. Skin still shit... still got hope... and I may have turned th corner. While still shit... a bit better maybe? I still seem to be getting NEW acne, but if a place has cleared out (no cysts close) it seems like it stays clear. Hope it keeps working. I'm going to make an effort to stop touching my face. I've been touching for a while. Not pushing or popping but touching to see if I can feel progress... not really feeling it. But I don't think t