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  1. Hi all progress ive been to the doctors and he wasnt able to give me one. He said that derms down in Australia dont use that treatment. So I guess ill have to use a natural therapy...any more hints on how to make this bad boy go down before i go overseas?
  2. To me it feels like alot of blood is rushing to the area, i can feel like its strecthing my skin. Its not sore to touch at all though, and it really isnt that red. Is there any chance of this imporving in 6 days time?
  3. Hi all Im on the regimen and its great. I used to suffer alot around my forehead but I havnt had a pimple there for a number of years now. Im going away to canada in 5 days and this thing has just popped up on my forehead, its not red at all like a pimple, it just seems irrated. I wouldnt care but its quite raised! Can i please get some help with how to make this go down, and help identify what it is? Some background, my forehead is wierd ill randomly get red rashes that dissapear in an hour,
  4. Hey everyone As far as shaving goes I used to get the odd pimple here and there shaving every 2-3 days with a mach 3 turbo. Then I got fed up and with advice from the forum I shaved almost everyday with the sensor excel and this were going great. I then had a rather large pimple in a place that I hadn't had any before so I thought it was an ingrown hair and started using it. This is the product: The product Now I thought that it could stop all of my ingrown hairs so I have used it for about 2
  5. It can be benificitial to acne at the start but then it tends to make things worse, dan describes it as "a temporary band-aid". It is no good for red marks though it will cause them to become darker then the allready are.
  6. I guess my way may not give the closest shave but I just take light strokes and make sure I have a shower to soften up my skin. It works really well.
  7. I put it on my moustache...It dosn't bleach my facial hair at all.
  8. The sun is good for a quick cure but afterwards you tend to breakout. This is because being sunburt or have sun on your skin with acne medication makes it very irrated. The sun also causes red marks to last longer.
  9. My nose has turned for the worst recently so I will give this a shot. For some reason I didnt bp was intended for the nose? Do you still mositurise you'r nose aswell as the resty of the face?
  10. Well this morning it was bursting out on my face. So i popped it with a steralised pin and didnt even press the skin and it all came out! But suprise suprise tonight it has formed a head, much smaller and it is not sensitive to touch. Thanks for the info guys about what to do. I think all I will do now is apply a big dap bp at night on it (+ doing the regimen as normal) and let nature take its course.
  11. I think I spoke to soon this morning. The pimple has now formed a head and I have put a bp on the spot to sit overnight. Has anyone had any pimples like this before that won't die if so can someone tell me the best way to deal with it?
  12. Hi all To start of I was headbutted just below my bottom lip in basketball. About 6 weeks latter a pimple formed and went down fairly quick. Then about two weeks ago it reincarnated itself and I took care of it using dabs of bp on it overnight so it was no longer active. Now I am left with a red mark, but still the pimple is raised. It is not sensitive to touch although say if I yawn I can still feel it. Is this pimple dead..or what is happening? Should I continue with the bp overnight? Have y
  13. I am I guy and honestly I don't think that you are ugly at all. You remind me of a mate of mine. He looks the same. He is a good person and is very confident about himself, he is a joy to talk to and you can see why he has had girlfriends just by his bright personality Good for you about the weight loss, and also clearing up your acne a little!
  14. Thanks for the quick reply! So how should I go of the bp slowly like once every second day, and then once every third day etc. Or just drop it? I will be really happy if my forehead improves the way the red marks have on the side of my neck and cheek bone! Wil the vinegar help with the discolouration in my forehead aswell as making the red marks fade gradually?
  15. Hi all I have been using the vinegar/baking soda method for a week now which has got me thinking about my red marks. The main area of my face that suffers with red marks is my forehead, I have quiet alot and also I have noticed that I have some skin discolouration aswell (maybe from the sun or other means.) I am using the regimen only once a day now. My forehead has been clear of acne for quiet a few months now. The amount of bp apply is so minimal once day on my forehead- it would only be 1